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Bulawayo based startup, Avelgood, releases measurement tools Nokia app


IntelliToolsTo have your app downloaded more than a million times is a dream come true for any developer anywhere in the world. Whether they make lots of any money from it or not, it’s massive validation of the need and therefore market for a solution. What if we tell you that a local startup has had such success? What if we tell they are from Bulawayo?

4 million. That’s the number of times a simple flashlight application developed by a Bulawayo based startup has been downloaded in Nokia’s Ovi app store. A simple app that uses the mobile phone’s screen to light to provide light. But this post is not about that app (which you can get here by the way); it’s about a new interesting suite apps they have just launched under the name IntelliTools, which the flashlight app is part of.

spiritlevel-IntelliTools is a set of several measurement tools built, according to the startup, “for casual DIY work and for the serious handyman.” The suite of apps include; a ruler that makes it possible to quickly measure the dimension of small objects using a phone, a tape measure that enables the user to measure distances, a protractor for measuring angles, a plumb line tool to measure tilt angle from the vertical, a spirit level for checking a surface for levelness, a Seismograph that enables the user to measure vibrations and the flashlight. Having no Nokia phone, we haven’t sampled the tools, but we certainly understand more the phrase “there’s an app for everything”


Avelgood CEO, Gif Gana, got in touch with us to tell us about their latest app. He told us that though the tools may not be precise, they provide the preliminary measurement figures needed. “It offers the convenience that since people always have their mobile phones wherever they go, when the need to measure something comes up, the will have the ‘tools of the trade’ at hand”, he said.

The app is available for the Nokia Asha 300 and 3000 series smartphones and Gana says they are working to make it available for the recently released Asha 501 model too.

We’d love to hear back from those of you that try the apps. Or in general how you think IntelliTools will do. Gana tells us they have been developing apps since last year. You can find their other published apps in the Ovi Store here.

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