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How to get a tablet for under $150

tablet-deviceI dedicated the better part of last month to an online shopping guide. I hope you mastered or perfected the art because now is the time to put the skill to use. We all crave one technology or another but if last year’s sales figure are anything to go by it seems tablets are here to stay and perhaps takeover from the PC as our primary computing device. This is still to happen here in Zimbabwe though because most of the top brand tablets from companies like Samsung and Apple are a tad pricey.

For those of us who are price sensitive and living on a tight budget the “No Name” brands might be the right solution. As has been noted countless times however, most Zimbabwean businesses simply cannot part with their habit of wanting a 100% profit on anything so now might be a good time to exercise your online shopping skills and get your tablet for under $150* as i shall illustrate in today’s guide. The guide is not hypothetical. It was written using actual figures.

Choosing the store is a Chinese wholesaler shopfront outlet, it operates in a similar fashion to and have quite the reputation of being reliable. My friends and I have used them on a number of occasions and their record with me has been perfect. They ship directly to Zimbabwe for a discounted figure of $28 per package. They also have a wide range of ‘No name’ brands of tablets and Android phones with their prices starting from $50.

Choosing the tablet
Visit the site and choose a tablet of your choice. In making this choice keep the price in mind and read the specification page of each tablet carefully. Take note of things such as CPU power, RAM, Screen size, Battery life, Call support, Camera etc. You should read reviews which are at the bottom of each page as well. I would recommend this tablet: it has a budget price has  decent  specifications and a battery life you can live with (5 hours video playing time.)

Shipping options
You can either choose free shipping but it would take 7-25 days for the tablet to reach Zimbabwe via Hong Kong Post which will of course mean having to deal with Zimpost. One reader has said this is no longer as bad as it sounds. I recommend using the expedited shipping option, which will add $28 to your total cost.

Making Payment accepts Zimbabwean Visa/MasterCard debit cards including the FBC Mastercard without a problem.

ZIMRA payment
Depending on the price of the tablet you bought the amount payable to ZIMRA varies but the calculation is roughly as follows:
Cost Price on Invoice x  1.15 = Landing Price.
VAT Payable= Landing Price x 15%
For the recommended tablet the amount of VAT payable will be as follows:
$64.11 x 1.15 = $73.72
Amount to ZIMRA = $73.72 x 15% = $11

The Total Cost would be
Cost of Tablet =       $64.11
Shipping Cost =       $28.00
ZIMRA  Payment =   $11.00
Total Cost       $103.00
* Handling Cost (DHL) $50
Grand Total Cost      $ 153.00

The waiting time from making the purchase until your tablet lands into your hands when you use expedited shipping is about 12-14 days. It took us 10 but then we have always been lucky.

* The price might be more or less depending on your shipping and tablet options.
You can also take advantage of the fixed shipping and handling costs by buying some of the accessories you might need for your tablet.

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25 thoughts on “How to get a tablet for under $150

  1. if you want to shorten the procedure a bit go to MicroStar near Kopje and buy essentially the same tablet for US 120.. and no I don’t work for them but have 2 of these tablets at home, working well and troublefree

  2. Hey, that is why you the best tech blog guys! I just got my FBC MasterCard yesterday and hey, you can imagine the excitement…… I hope my blog will reach such dizzy heights

  3. Where do you collect the device from?the Airport or wat? Because i fear the airport storage and handling charges

  4. Looking at the specs on that tablet I struggle to believe the experience will be good. I can only imagine how awful ebook reading and web browsing must be with that kind of resolution. And with only 4GB internal storage less around 1.5GB I imagine will be consumed by the android os, add a good number of apps and I am certain the tablet will perform poorly. Battery is also rather small for a tablet I would say. Games I am sure are out of the question if one is hoping to play performance demanding games like need for speed or the modern combat series but I suppose it could handle angry birds and fruit ninja. I suppose for the price it isn’t so bad. Just my thoughts people

    1. I admitted somewhere that this is not for everyone. You get what you pay for my friend. If you want a gr8 experience buy a Galaxy Tab or iPad. This is for people who cannot afford those awesome specs but need an entrance level device.

      1. Please understand I am not arguing that for the price point the tablet is offering too little, I was just trying to point out to other people what I think they should expect from it. I have known people to expect on par performance with say galaxy devices based on the fact that both devices run the android OS. What I think sucks more though is some zimbabwean sales people misleading people into believing exactly that. I went to the trade fair earlier this year and a guy was conning this gentleman into believing that there was absolutely no difference between the chinese branded “galaxy note” he was trying to sell fir around $400 and the original note 2 from sammy.

  5. well im not up for the tablet but i like the MIFI devices available there thanks!

  6. A new innovation has come fellow Zimbabweans, get a Tab with a name and without waiting for $150 only. ( The Tab has 7″ screen, 8G memory, Dual core processor, 3G, Dual cameras, 5 Point touch, Wi-fi) my contact numbers +27745655564, +263773530717

  7. If you need an entry level tablet get in touch with me on 00263775370507,0027718359217 and i offer after sales services. 7″ up to 10″……..

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