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Take this Zim broadband survey and stand a chance to win $120 Android phone


A few weeks ago we posted a mobile broadband survey to help us understand what internet speeds mobile users are getting on their mobile phones in Zimbabwe. It was a tiny sample of respondents and we shared the results. But in doing so, the need for a comprehensive survey with a wider group of respondents has become clear. Which is why we have opened a new one.

This survey focuses on home broadband (including mobile and fixed broadband) and seeks to get as many responses as possible on what kind of home internet people have, what they use it for, how much they have paid, and more importantly what they consider important when choosing a broadband connection. The summary and conclusions we derive from this information will be shared here on Techzim and hopefully the operators and other people looking for such data, will find it useful and it will help improve broadband access in Zimbabwe.

The survey will take 5 minutes tops to complete. As a small incentive, people that complete it will be entered into a draw for a giveaway of a Samsung smartphone worth US $120. All responses are ofcourse anonymous.


You can click here to open the survey:

Please do share the page with your friends so we collect as many responses as possible.

This survey is part of Techzim’s Research Business Services which we offer to clients looking to understand the market better.
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