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What Zimbabweans are searching for on Google

google-trendsEver wondered what most people are searching for on Google? Well, it’s possible to find that information using a Google tool called Trends. Using Google Trends, you can find what they whole world is searching for on the largest search engine ever created. But you can also drill down to a specific country, Zimbabwe say, and a specific period.

We did exactly that to check what information Zimbabweans have been interested in the past 30 days. At the top of the rising (those search for more and more) words most searched is Cosafa, the just ended soccer competition. Then after that it’s “tb Joshua” (we’re not sure why), then politics, politics, politics and more politics. Unsurprisingly so. Here is the list from Google:

google-top-searchesZimbabwe will hold it’s harmonised elections tomorrow so that people are interested in politics in general, and the elections (see below) specifically makes sense. This shows how people are relying on the internet, not just for social interaction (Facebook, email, WhatsApp etc..) but also for information around important national events like the elections. And even Facebook itself, even though its primarily a social network, it now hosts business and political pages (by political parties) where they engage with the users of the social network.


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10 thoughts on “What Zimbabweans are searching for on Google

  1. I think that the reason facebook is one #1 is yes indeed its popular but then again, you’d be surprised at how many people Google it everytime they want to access it instead of just typing in the adress bar or setting bookmarks. Maybe this too can explain why “login” is in the top ten. What is puzzling though is why people are Googling Google o_O

    1. I’d attribute a lot of those to chrome browser auto-search or auto-complete. Happens all the time and annoying as hell; you start typing your url, chrome gets excited auto completing for you and suddenly you’re at a google search results page instead of the url you were after.

    2. I agree, just take time and see what people do in a cafe. they go to google and then search for either facebook, yahoo etc, typing an actual url seems foreign to unseasoned users.

  2. I think TB Joshua was 2nd because of that post election vision/prophecy/whateverYouWantToNameIt. Just a guess

  3. Would want to see more such results say 3 months after election, this one is rather skewed

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