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Zim broadband speed mini survey results: Telecel has the fastest broadband (Update)

Update: The survey results posted below are not scientific at all and not representative of Zimbabwe’s mobile broadband internet speeds. Far from it. This survey was just posted as an article to capture the few responses of the readers of that specific article.

The response were less than 30. This is nothing compared to at least 4.5 million mobile broadband users in Zimbabwe. While it’s clear from the data supplied that in the article how small the sample is, our title is not as clear and we are sincerely sorry about it. We do conduct proper surveys where data is collected and analysed by statisticians to draw meaningful conclusions. Surveys such as this one.

Again, we dropped the ball, and we are sorry about the incorrect impressions this created in the market. We hope by issuing this update, the data will be read in context. The title has been updated from “Zim mobile broadband speed survey results: Telecel has the fastest broadband” to “Zim broadband speed mini survey results: Telecel has the fastest broadband”

telecel-logo-red-thSurveys can yield the strangest results and the results for the mobile broadband speed survey were quite shocking in some aspects. According to the results Telecel, of all the mobile operators that grace our country with their service, is not only the fastest service provider in terms of internet speed but the most reliable as well. They had a handy speed of 1.5 mbps if you are in Harare, Bulawayo or Mutare otherwise the speed will drop faster than a stone to well below 1 mbps if you leave any of these areas

For those of you naysayers who always doubted PowerTel reliability you should know that according to respondents, PowerTel is only second to Telecel in terms of reliability. Econet was ranked third, Africom fourth and NetOne rounded up the list. In the speed list Telecel was first, Econet second, followed by, surprise, NetOne, then Africom. Apparently, PowerTel has the slowest speeds although their speeds are almost uniform for their subscribers at around 512 kbps.

Not surprising is the fact that most (61%) people use their mobile internet for general surfing. It seems people do not like reading mail on their computers though with about only 4% saying they read their email on mobiles.


  • If you want the best mobile broadband experience buy a Telecel and head to Mutare apparently their speeds can hit over 1.5 mbps there.
  • NetOne offers the least reliable mobile internet users ranked it 2 on a scale of 1-5
  • Despite this NetOne was still faster than Africom!
  • Econet broadband has the most unsteady connection. Results varied from 70 kbps to 2.5 mbps.
  • PowerTel is slow but steady at around 512 kbps.
  • Our mobile broadband speeds are still light years away from world averages.

Here is a summary of the results:


Operator Average Speed in kbps




Net One







Operator Average Reliability








Net One



Disclaimer: This is a result of a survey which only based on a sample. The respondents’ experiences might differ from your own. The survey is still open, and will remain so for the foreseeable future so feel free to post your own results there. A detailed summary of the results can be viewed here.

Do not miss the ISPs survey coming tomorrow.


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27 thoughts on “Zim broadband speed mini survey results: Telecel has the fastest broadband (Update)

  1. After all is said and done, Liquid Telecom (The largest Carrier in Africa with many accolades on quality across the continent) carry most of this traffic for the wireless companies

    1. But its about how the IMO will repackage and resale to users eg some might be using 2G, 3G etc

  2. where do you gate those speeds? powertel download speed is 30kbps when it is really really fast. Otherwise its between 5 and 8kbps

    1. there is a difference between KB/s and Kb/s. capital B being BYTES and lower case b being bits, 1 Byte is 8 bits, hence those speeds are correct 512 kbps is 64 kBps. I’d say thats my average speed on powertel

      1. I know, I think the confusion for some people comes from the fact that whilst most network software will display the speed in bps most user applications use Bps.

  3. I am also interested in knowing where visitors to this website largely come from. Please put up your google analytics.

  4. LoooL Powertel second in reliability!..Seriously!?…The past 7 days have been a nightmare and upon phoning customer services last week Friday they acknowledged that their newtork was “experiencing challenges” but didnt have a clue as to when it’ll be resolved and clearly this hasn’t been done yet.

    1. Agreed…I think people that took part using powrtel connections were mostly in the CBD hence the “good” results…they should ask more people to do the tests in surburbia where powertel base stations a far and few -perfect for congestion – and really see what powertel is like.

      1. It depends with which surbub you live in Greendale and Queensdale, Epworth have good speeds even better than CBD speeds. I did not participate in the survey myself but in my experience Powertel can easily reach 1mbps in these areas.

  5. While it is true that Telecel has fast internet I believe it is because it is new (only recently has it dropped it’s prices and become more relalistic) and has far fewer users even on the voice side and therefore relatively unused. Compare that with Econet where their subscriber base is huge and therefore suffers far more with congestion. Also seems to be a trend in Zim that new companies are good and give them a few months/ a year they lose the sparkle.

  6. Well, Telecel get their bandwidth from Powertel and will all due respect, I dont know if its possible that they would have a better connection than Powertel?

  7. I think you need to put a proper retraction and apology as your analysis created a lot of confusion in the Telecoms market especially when you used such a small sample size. We now have some players claiming tittle and accolades for speed etc based on your survey

    1. To be fair we have clearly stated that the sample size was small but you need to understand that these were the actual responses therefore there will be no retraction. Furthermore, you need to understand that we will not be held responsible for every wild claim that people make an apology has been made in so far as the title might have been misleading. You will also understand that these sort of surveys are common practices used chiefly to gain a rough picture much like polls in an election. Just because you are ahead in polls does not mean you will win the election.

      1. Clearly techzim is nothing but a mouthpiece of telecel, i have lost faith and trust in your writings. next time if you want to give something intellect and meaningful for consumption of your readers research widely and your sample size how ever the numbers it does not reflect the average experience of all the mobile data subscribers in Zimbabwe. it a month we have asked you to post your google analytics.

    2. Please don’t give Gari the hard times here, the fact that those who testified that Telecel is better it’s because they use telecel and maybe have been let down by Econet. I also use Econet but to tell you the truth those Econet guys are so pompous and arrogant they can give a damn if you call their Customer services department. But Telecel as much as they have few mobile users but they are able to cater for that number. What would be the point of having ten million subscribers that you are not able to cater for. I also take the survey seriously and believe in it. Maybe the other people who use other operators were not able to participate in the survey because they were having problems with their service providers. Who knows.

  8. I have 2 lines and I am a telecel and Econet customer. When I am in Harare, Manicaland I use Telecel for my internet because its cheaper and faster anywhere else esepcially in Chiredzi I use Econet because it is better quality wise. As for customer care lets not get there. I spend 4 hrs in a queue at 1st street Econet Shop for a sim card replacement after having a shouting match withe a Customer representative there…. I barely spent 15mins at Telecel ICL Hse. If only Econet can replace all permanent customer services personnel with interns because they seem to be more polite!

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