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Zimbabwe Elections: Now you can check the voters roll online

register-then-voteAn article published by NewsDay today pointed to a new website that allows Zimbabweans to check if they are registered on the voters’ roll. The service comes online as Zimbabwe prepares for the harmonised elections said to be slated for the 31st of July (this month).

The website,, allows visitors to enter their Zimbabwe national identity number to check if their name appears on the voters roll or not. If an individual’s name is on the voters roll, the website confirms this, and provides the name of the ward and constituency they are registered in. In the case that a person is not registered the website returns a “No records were found” message and encourages the person to report any irregularities suspected to a crowdsourced map.


As for the accuracy of this service, we frankly have no idea. There’s no information on the site about where they got the data or what data source they are querying for the information. As you can see above, the website just says it works for registration done before 27 May 2013.

The website also provides other information related to voter registration.

idazim-logoAccording to the NewsDay article, the people behind the website are not known beyond an indication at the bottom that says they are working in partnership with an organisation called IDAZIMThe Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), the article says, is currently investigating the site to find if they are registered with the commission.

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12 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Elections: Now you can check the voters roll online

  1. This is both good and bad. I can see gen’a re….. richifamba riine tablet. Anyone who will not appear on the database will have their hand chopped off.

  2. pane vaya vanositi heee tino hacker, hee wat wat. heyo ka zim site ine ‘valuable’ data

  3. The Institute for a Democratic Alternative for Zimbabwe
    (IDAZIM) is an independent, not-for-profit, public interest
    policy institute with secretariats in Harare, Zimbabwe, and
    Johannesburg, South Africa. IDAZIM’s main objective is to
    provide a platform for pro–democracy institutions and
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    Fax: +263-4-442-650

    1. No affiliations to ZEC or others. Either they have access to the current voters roll or they downloaded a previously leaked one and imported the data to their online database.

      If the ZEC was transparent, they could have easily created a similar site. Now Zimbabweans are checking their particulars through a third party. One does not know what else this data is to be used for and who the people actually are. Its a pity.

  4. i have never registered to vote or voted in my life but i got my name there and the constituency is for my rural home

  5. TZ Im sure you’ve heard of Baba Jukwa…please like him on facebook and you would have realized this website came out about last week…kinda makes your news look stale :p

    Anyhow…I tried the site with 2 previously registered voters and both their info came up correct and the same two went physically check as you cant be too sure in Zim and indeed their names were in the voters role.

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