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Zimbabwean travel and tourism websites you may want to visit.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country endowed with great sites for sole eyes. Our country simply offers some of the best tourism destinations in the world. With that in mind we decided to go through the internet in search of websites that do justice to Zimbabwe’s beauty and add convenience to a traveller who is planning to travel to Zimbabwe, or someone local who is wishing to take some time off from work and visit a good resort. Following is the list we found:

Zimbabwe tourism

Zimbabwe tourism

This probably is the most attractive site on Zimbabwean tourism and looks quite unique. The site includes some of the common tourist destinations in Zimbabwe, their activities and lists some accommodation facilities. The site has an excellent interactive menu that shows a number of useful features relevant to a tourist. Some of these are: Map, National Monuments, National Parks, Myths and Legends. The site also implements Google’s directions functionality, which gives driving directions between two points. In addition to all this, the Zimbabwe Tourism site is probably the only site that specifically addresses the coming UNWTO 2013 General Assembly.

The only negative is that the site is not responsive, it doesn’t shift to fill varying sized screens.

Zimbabwe bookers 


Zimbabwe bookers probably has the highest number of destinations (in Zimbabwe) listed in one page. Each destination page shows activities available and accommodations that can be accessed. For example there are 13 hotels around Harare that are highlighted on the site’s Harare page. The site also has an advanced search form that uses Location, Check-in and Check-out dates. This is obviously a useful feature for someone looking for accommodation for specific dates.

Zimbabwe destinations


This is another pretty site that does more than just to look pretty, Again there is a great menu leading to Accommodation, Services, Activities, Tours and Packages and Local info. It also lists vehicles for hire as well as flights and transport.

In addition to that Zimbabwe destinations lists cool features that one wishes to just access from the homepage. Some of these are the various things that can be viewed in Zimbabwe including Dinosaur fossils, Natural springs, the Big Five, Bird species, Victoria Falls, Ancient Stone City Ruins and Traditional villages.

The site also gives a brief history of each place listed.

Zambezi traveller 


Zambezi traveller covers tourism around the Zambezi river. Thus it covers Accommodations, Activities and Services around the area. In addition to that, the site offers great insight into the Zambezi river. The river is described in three parts, Upper Zambezi, Middle Zambezi, Lower Zambezi. Zambezi traveller also features other destinations in and around Zimbabwe, to name a few: Victoria Falls, Kariba and middle, Harare, Hwange and Bulawayo. The accommodations, activities and services in these areas are also provided.

Wild Zambezi


The first thing you notice on Wild Zambezi is the advanced search that uses check boxes. This lists a number of options: Accommodation, Activities, Houseboats, Transport and transfers, Agents tours and safaris etc. This feature is helpful in providing a user with a guided search. The site’s safari directory page employs a cool select a service tree that interactively lists main categories and subcategories. Some of the main categories are Accommodation, Activities, Houseboats, Transport and transfers.

African Bush Camps 


African Bush has the look and feel of a blog. Though it does not feel quite unique the site is extensive, in addition to Zimbabwe safaris the site covers Botswana safaris. The blog-like feel makes the site less intuitive for a tourism site however the site has a lot of information only it’s hiding behind links.



Vicfalls24 is quite a straight forward and easy-to-use site. It shows tourism info around Victoria falls. The site is probably the only site in the list that is responsive. In addition the site has an interactive tree that lists main and sub-categories.

The only negative is that the site’s homepage does not have a  search form.

Africa albida tourism


Africa albida tourism majors on tourism in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and Chobe river (Botswana). This is an excellent site that is both pretty and responsive. It has a great search for rooms feature that lets you specify the number of people and the period you want to use the rooms for. But this search for rooms function does not appear for small screen sizes. The homepage has pictures of Lodges and activities in Victoria Falls.

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