Africom takes its Infinite Voice & Data to Gweru


africom-officeAfricom has now taken its Infinite Voice & Data offering to the people of Gweru. In addition the company is launching a new package for all university students called Infinite Student which allows students to buy devices at lower prices.


The company’s network is said to already cover over 70% of Gweru and 70% of Kwekwe which is also part of the Midlands region. Most of the area where students live have therefore been covered but the network does not yet fully cover the whole Midlands State University campus. However there is already free Wi-Fi on the university campus.

Infinite Voice & Data


Africom launched the Infinite Voice & Data offering on the 16th of July with invitingly low prices. The voice and data bundle prices as below:

  1. Unlimited Data- $35 per months
  2. Voice- $10 per months (on Africom network) and 12cents per minute.
  3. Voice (08644) -12cents per minute to any other network.

The company says the connection speeds can go to as high as 3.1Mbps.

Infinite Student

The Infinite Student is for every student in the country where the Africom connection is available. Students (with available student IDs) can buy the following Africom products:

  1. Dongle for $25 and extra gig for $25 as well
  2. Phones at $20 and $10
  3. Voice services( phones are available from as little as $20 plus a SIM card)

Africom is also exhibiting their products at the Midlands Agricultural show which is running from 9 to 11 August. This is a good chance for the company to showcase their products considering that the MSU opened on the 29th of July. The event will also provide an opportunity for Africom to activate Guroo in the market.

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