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Econet, a skinned Opera Mini, and preaching to the choir

opera-miniOk, Econet. When you skinned Opera a month or so ago we thought, well, yah, quite late but good all the same too keep your brand very visible on the most used browser on feature phones. Plus opera does help make keep data costs under control for the operator, so yes, good move. Then you mentioned it in an ad and we thought, well, it did need some mention of sorts. A mention or 2 maybe. But then you started going on and on about it, doing videos and all!

This’ all been done already; the skinning by operators as well as your subscribers using Opera Mini. The browsers is so popular already you’re essentially preaching to the choir on this one. Something to go to town about would maybe be you introducing “Free Facebook browsing on Opera Mini every Tuesday”, or “Free night browsing on Opera Mini” or even just you telling people your internet is cheaper than your nemesis‘.

But we’re not marketers, so maybe preaching to the choir is just what keeps their faith strong.

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15 thoughts on “Econet, a skinned Opera Mini, and preaching to the choir

    1. Joke of the year. These Econet guys are good at doing rediculous things.

      I am happy they are now INSPIRED by TECECEL to add value… My hope is that soon, Portraz will allow more competitive players in the Telecomms market

      1. Their goal is to squeeze as much in profits as they can.

        Econet Wireless…

        Inspired to RIP YOUR World

        (credit- fiend)

  1. People better be careful with these brandeed browsers…I had a branded MTN Opera Mini and behind the scenes it was signing me upto useless premium charged sms services..ofcourse in Zim this happening may be rare but Econet is very creative at taking peoples money.

  2. Wow, my conspiracy sniffing capabilities have been really low these days, this has only just occurred to me! What if this sudden push for opera is just to hide a drop in the quality of their data network? I’ve been using opera since forever and have recently noticed a drop in performance (before the ad campaign). Maybe its just me but when even opera mini’s performance slows down something must up!

  3. Tech Zim guys, bring us better reporting instead of being an extension of Telecel PR dpt. What do u have against Econet at every turn you are just attacking them. On the good they do u write something ill informed to make them look bad. Before just talking about giving back to subscribers look at what Econet has done to ensure socio economic balance in our country. These guys give 20% of their revenue not profit to better our communities, look at how many orphans (+40000) are going to school because of Econet, for doctors to be produced in Zim they funded a lot to the sustenance of the school of medicine at UZ, the list goes on. This is why the Lord keeps blessing them.

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