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Econet reconnects Telecel


The long awaited reconnection is finally complete. Three days after POTRAZ (Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator) confirmed that Telecel’s license has been renewed. Telecel subscribers can now make calls to Econet lines. We have just tested it and the calls are going through. Thank you guys.

However there are still some questions that remain unanswered. What really happened when Telecel accused Econet of throttling calls, before this whole episode unfolded? We still lack Econet’s answer concerning to this. We just know they disconnected with Telecel soon after the accusations citing that Telecel was not licensed. And why was there a delay in reconnection after the license was confirmed to be renewed?

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6 thoughts on “Econet reconnects Telecel

    1. Yah a lets do so. In my opinion l think Econet was facing some challenges on its own because Telecel is innovative l tell you

  1. Subscriber fatigue with buddie gone bully. Voting with our feet. Go Telecel. Go NetOne. The regulator needs to know that they cannot rig it for Econet. Customers have the ultimate choice of which network to use.

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