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LinkedIn to help students prepare for college with new University Pages

linkedin-schoolsToday, the globally popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, announced the introduction of University Pages, a set of tools targeted at helping school going members choose the right university/college and ultimately a career path more effectively. Using data it already has about its older members – where they went to school, where they now work, and who they are connected to – LinkedIn can powerfully reveal information and connections that have the potential of helping young students with university and career choice.

According to the announcement, the university pages will help young people explore universities worldwide, see what alumni got up to after university and get the latest updates and news from the universities themselves. Aside from prospective students, the pages can also be used by alumni to reconnect with old college mates and hopefully use those old connections for career growth.

With the introduction of the new service, LinkedIn opens up the network to a much younger age group – minimum 13 years for most countries – that was was so far not allowed to open accounts on the site. This has the potential of boosting the site’s numbers significantly. The younger users are almost definitely also going to add a new vibe (negative or positive, you decide) to the quality of conversation on a site that so far was a place to follow the professional side of connections or prospectives.

That aside, we can only imagine how useful this will be if it works to plan for LinkedIn. Many of the adults reading this article right now will confess to have fallen into the right careers and university by sheer luck/accident. Those that hated their colleges days and think they fell into the wrong careers will wish a tool like this existed back then.

Here’s a video explaining the concept:

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