POTRAZ’s official statement on promos made by telecoms operators

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Alfred Marisa, POTRAZ Deputy Director General
Alfred Marisa, POTRAZ Deputy Director General

We just came from POTRAZ where the deputy general director, Alfred Marisa, briefed journalists on the ongoing issue they have with Econet. There was not much new from what we posted already yesterday when we interviewed him. There was only mention of misleading advertising being one of things that they watch out for as a regulator. We recorded  an audio of the QnA between him and the journalists and we’ll be posting it later.

Here’s the full statement:

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) would like to set the record straight regarding promotions offered by telecommunication operators to the public.

To begin with, we must point that the Authority is not opposed to Operators offering promotions. However, since promotions ordinarily involve temporary reduction of tariffs, the Authority is mandated by section 100 of the Postal and Telecommunications Act to approve new tariffs or changes to existing tariffs.

In April this year, the Authority issued a notice to Operators reiterating the need for all promotions to be approved and the parameters to be followed in applying for approval of such promotions as well as other attendant terms and conditions. As such all promotions by operators, as well as any tariff changes have to be approved by the Authority, taking into account a number of factors which include the following:-

  1. The promotion should not be anti-competitive
  2. The promotion should not be misleading to the consumer
  3. The possible effect of the proposed promotion or tariff reduction on the industry
  4. The reasonableness of the proposed promotion and tariff
  5. The maximum period during which the promotion or tariff reduction will run

Where approval has been granted the operator must comply with the conditions set by the Authority and any deviation from the approved proposal should not be implemented without the Approval of the Authority.

Where an Operator advertises and/or implements an unapproved promotion or deviates from an approved promotion or tariff, it is POTRAZ’s regulatory duty to stop the operator from doing so and to penalise the operator for breaching regulatory requirements.

In conclusion we wish to point out that an Operator is also free to apply for permanent tariff reductions if such a tariff proposal is supported by changes in its cost structure.


  1. bimp

    Thank you for setting the record straight, unfortunately we have a lot of ignorant lay men commenting and giving opinion on things they dont know abt, on industries they do not understand

  2. Harlin

    SORRY the 1st point

    The promotion should not be anti-competitive

    But is Econet Wireless not forming an Anti-Competitive environment right in front of everyones eyes.

    Seriously they “own” Liquid Telecoms which owns ZOL – dont they “own” a Bank dont they also print the top-up Cards for other networks.

    I dont seem to recall Telecel putting a duration for their Mega Juice promotion

    Potraz STEP up

    1. spencer

      no competition law across industries prohibits conglomerates. besides potraz has no jurisdiction in the licensing of banks that is the job of rbz. a company having shareholding in other companies is not a crime if they hv the capital it is encouraged for local investment, it is only the activities of the conglomerate wc shld b regulated.

  3. Cde

    Why is that you techzim guys always target to Interview or talk to the brainless Alfred Marisa.
    After all he is not the Director General nor is he technical (although he comments on technical issues). Please check his record and see whether he has ever said anything sensible.
    What you seem not to realise is that he is the one behind Potraz’s failures strategically or Potraz’s bad image. Please aim to get information from Someone aneChikoro not the political appointee zombies.

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