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Econet warns customers of 12-day EcoCash service disruption

ecocash-disruptionEconet Zimbabwe just sent a message to its mobile money subscribers today warning warning of possible EcoCash service disruptions between yesterday (yes, if you’ve been having problems the past 24 hours, here’s your answer) and 30 September, a total of 12 days. This, according to the message, will be the result of an on going system upgrade.

We checked with a source at the company who told us they are in the process of increasing the capacity of the EcoCash platform for faster transaction processing. We hope it will take care of the unavailability problems too – we’ve been getting quite a number of those lately.

Our source also tells the capacity upgrade will prepare the platform for some new EcoCash services to be announced in the coming weeks, which he said will increase the platforms traffic dramatically. We’re guessing this is not the Econet Farmer and Education we’ve been hearing about. Maybe more diaspora remittances country channels. Or maybe prepaid electricity payments? Whatever it is, we’ll surely know in the coming weeks. In the meantime, brace yourself for an up-and-down EcoCash experience!

5 thoughts on “Econet warns customers of 12-day EcoCash service disruption

    1. This is Econet. What did you expect from them? They are reactive not proactive. And 12 days to upgrade a major service like this? These guys really know how to take customers for granted. This also shows the kind of mindset these guys have for major critical projects. Just pull the plug. Wow!!!

  1. To add to the list of expectations, diaspora remittances inwards. I am imagining the reduction in numbers for Moneygram, Mukuru, Western Union and the sort. Or maybe Mastercard, or Google Wallet.

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