Leaked BBM Android version downloaded 1.1m times, causes rollout delay

bbm_mastA leaked version of BlackBerry’s BBM mobile instant messaging app was apparently downloaded 1.1 million times and it being an unreleased version has caused problems resulting in a delayed rollout of the app to both iOS and Android. BlackBerry made the announcement on its Inside BlackBerry blog yesterday. The company had already rolled out BBM to iPhones in parts of Asia but had to pull the app to focus of fixing the Android issues.

The leaked Android app, BlackBerry says in the update, will be disabled. The company says it will resume the rollout once it’s ready. Initially the Android version of the app was scheduled to go live in the Google Play store yesterday, 21 September and the iPhone today.

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3 thoughts on “Leaked BBM Android version downloaded 1.1m times, causes rollout delay

  1. Disappointed. The number of fake BBM apps on Google Play was (or is) high. Searching for BBM produced over 20 results with fake apps. And some users reported plenty ads in them. Could be user experience in the app that forced BB to stop it from being downloaded. I for one will wait for the real app when available.

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