New Zim movie download service, yFlix, to be the new Jack Sparow


yFlixSo since late afternoon yesterday, friends, readers, and countrymen have been forwarding this message that was posted on Facebook by someone we’ve featured once here on Techzim. His name is Luke Alvin Madzedze (this Luke from back in his 2011 students days). Part of his message goes:


Are you sick of buying movies in the streets YET you own a Laptop?
Are u sick of buying the Latest PC Software and Game DVDs at Crazy prices yet its just a burnt DVD?
Do u love love downloading BUT you never have enough Bandwidth or its just painfully slow to download a simple Movie?

No internet is involved our local servers store EVERYTHING you need, Movies, Video Clips, Software and GAMES
Since all content is stored LOCALLY it means download speeds for huge files is MUCH MUCH faster than anything you have ever seen in Zimbabwe (Download your favorite Latest Movie in less than 2 minutes).
…..and the best part the prices.
Movies are FREE (Believe it or not)
All Software is sold @ 0.33 cents( Regardless of version, size, usefulness or popularity)
All Videos are sold @ 0.33 cents( Regardless of size or popularity)
All GAMES are sold @ 0.33 cents( Regardless of version, size or popularity) [full message here]

Yes. We were immediately concerned about piracy too, and usually services that appear to trample on copyright issues, we may even try to avoid writing about them, lest we promote that which hurts content creators. But it has the opportunity to be a new variation of Jack Sparrow (not that one, this one) and Jack Sparrow was a big deal, something this has a potential to be. Plus that’s it’s someone we’ve covered here before with so much promise. So we just went ahead.


But we got in touch with him to hear out how they are approaching the potentially explosive legal side of this new venture. Just legal alone of course. The ethical side is something you can’t discuss when someone’s already into it. You can only tell them you think its wrong. He says he consulted a lawyer on the matter and was told he cannot be sued by anyone but the owner of the content, and that they are going to be pirating non-African content which is hard to police for the content owners.

Here’s part of his response:

The lawyers who drafted the document concluded that AS LONG AS u are in Zimbabwe… and u DONT do local content, u are close to untouchable, that’s why no one is sued when caught selling international movies, PC Games, Software in the streets.

We are not going to be doing only local content until we pen down agreements with local bodies to distribute local content. Our goal is to end up doing local content such as local movies using a pay per view structure. We also want to end up doing local apps and software as our platform is a store in its own right.

We might start off with churches, so that we can pay royalties to the owners of the content PROPERLY. We want to promote local MUSICIANS, APP DEVELOPERS,MOVIE PRODUCERS…..but that is in the long run. Our main focus now is to get the attention using international content

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119 thoughts on “New Zim movie download service, yFlix, to be the new Jack Sparow

  1. Big up Luke, most of these guys commenting here are busy downloading torrents, distributing the software to friends and family some even making money installing pirated copies of software on client’s machines but they dare to say shame on you Luke, i say shame on you for acting like you purely use genuine software. But to Luke just be careful bro.

    1. Thanks a lot bro..God Bless you…I hate hypocrites and i can see u feel the same……..Wish u the best in whatever u do…Thanks for the advice iam working on the mathematics of the strategy..Express YOURSELF mate…lyf is too short.

  2. Let the person who has not sinned cast the first stone. Guys its a known fact that piracy is the order of the day in Zimbabwe, this guy has only come out in the open and its really cool because he will soon start engaging with relevant stakeholders in legalising his business. If you remember the story of napster you would agree that this opened up talks with record companies otherwise piracy had been happening then uncontrolled. If I were to have genuine copies for all the softwares, music, videos that I own I think I would have filed for bankruptacy a long time ago.

  3. It’s 8 months since the article was published and since all those people commented threatening to bring down Luke and yFlix. He’s still around. So either those guys lacked the balls to follow through on their threats or that his legal advice is actually sound.

    As for me, I applaud Luke for his gutsy brazenness. I wholeheartedly agree with his point that he is stealing from those who stole from us. Maybe not the same individuals who enslaved and colonized us, but no doubt those people benefited from those actions immensely and continue to benefit from the present day neo-colonial system. No form of reparations or compensation for the damage done to us is forthcoming and I feel it’s reasonable for individuals like Mr Madzedze to take what they can. Of course stealing is still stealing, regardless of the justification, but killing (in the context of a liberation war) is also still killing, so the moral arguments against Mr Madzedze don’t really hold water with me. If you’re going to condemn him, then you should also condemn those who resorted to “treason”, sabotage, killing, stealing weapons and violating numerous laws in order to defeat colonial governments.

    Luke Alvin Madzedze, you sir are a hero and I support you 100%!

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