POTRAZ to hold consultative workshop for telecoms consumer protection

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POTRAZPOTRAZ will this week hold a consultative workshop in Harare where they will table public contributions made so far to a Consumer Protection Guidelines draft that the telecoms regulator has produced. The invitation for the public to make contributions were issued earlier this month (the ads we saw at least). The workshop will take place on 18 September at a local hotel.

We hope this means that POTRAZ will start acting more deliberately and openly on consumer protection issues. As well we hope this results in mechanisms that will ensure the public are more informed on what their rights are regarding the quality of telecommunication and internet services and as a result be able to seek redress when these rights are violated by operators.

Here’s the full text of the notice as published in Zimbabwe’s print press:

In line with its mandate to promote the interests of consumers, purchasers and other
users in respect of the quality and variety of postal and telecommunications services
provided and telecommunications apparatus supplied, as provided for in the Postal
and Telecommunications Act [ Chapter12:05], the Postal and Telecommunication
Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has produced draft Consumer
Protection Guidelines as part of its consumer protection framework.
In line with the above, POTRAZ is inviting written comments and contributions
towards the draft Consumer Protection Guidelines. The responses will be tabled for
discussion at a consultative workshop to be conducted in Harare on 18 September
2013 at Crown Plaza Monomotapa Hotel starting from 9:00 am. Interested members
of the public who are willing to attend the workshop should register with POTRAZ on
or before 16 September 2013.
The Draft Consumer Protection Guidelines document has been circulated to
stakeholders and can be collected at the POTRAZ offices at No 30 The Chase,
Block A, Emerald Park.
Interested parties can send their comments and views or clarifications by 16
September 2013, to:


The Director General
Block A Emerald Office Park
30 The Chase
PO Box MP 843
Mt. Pleasant
OR by email to the.regulator@potraz.gov.zw.

Update: You can download the draft Consumer Protection Guidelines here.


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  1. Ranganai Chikukutu says:

    Is it possible to get the draft that has has been produced so that whoever is attending can do more research before the workshop commences?

    1. We have updated the article with a link to the document download. Please refresh.

  2. anthonysomerset says:

    they need to go further with telemarketing/spam, but good to see it included..

    to be fair a lot of the spam issues i see is lack of education to business owners and mailing list managers

  3. Kevin Tsaro says:

    So which ministry is POTRAZ now falling under, now that there is Information and Broadcasting Services ministry by Jonathan Moyo and Information and Communication Technology and Postal and Courier Services ministry by Webster Shamu. They were in the Transport and Communications and Infrastructure Development ministry before. There is need to make mention of this in their introduction section which ministry they (POTRAZ) now belong to and it would be interesting to see how this is going to fit in with the ICT Policy draft policy. When is the ICT Policy going to be launched?

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