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Techzim now has a store!

TechZim StoreLadies and gentlemen, welcome to the official opening ceremony of our store! Witty, relevant and plain cool t-shirts are something techies the world over hold dearly ($100 for anyone who’s ever seen Limbikani wearing a suit). In light of this pertinent truth, we embarked on an epic mission of an industrial scale. The brief to adorn fans like you with fine collarless short-sleeved articles of clothing that grace the upper body (t-shirts…) has been met.

Throughout the ages, great undertakings such as this one have only been realized through collaboration. We are eternally grateful to the four dignitaries from our royal Facebook society that enlisted for the photo shoot. A fun time was had by all.

Throughout the sands of time, many magical moments have been shared with Techzimbos like you.Perhaps there is no greater moment than this to declare your store as officially opened.


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27 thoughts on “Techzim now has a store!

        1. oops not found usually means DNS issue – could have been your ISP have a temporary blip trying to resolve the domain

      1. I’m trying to check out but it appears I have two t-shirts already pre-added to my cart. Which means I end up with 3 tshirts instead of the one I want

        1. Hello @tutsiekay:disqus

          Thank you for visiting the store and for the pending purchase 🙂
          We are not sure right now why the store automatically added 2 items to your cart. However it is possible and easy to remove any items from the cart that you don’t want. Just do the following:
          1. Click on the “cart” item in the top menu bar. you will get a listing of all the items in your cart.
          2. To remove an item from the cart, there’s a gray ‘x’ icon to the left of the each item in the cart. Click it once to remove that item. The cart will update.
          3. Proceed to Checkout to complete your order.

          1. Ok thanks, I finally got a way round it, I had already tried what you suggested with no joy, but I finally got what I needed.

  1. but the term digital native is not yet properly understood. Can you please Kabweza tell me your intepretation of this word digital native

    1. lol… how about we organise a seminar to deconstruct the term? A two day seminar at least. At the end of the seminar everyone will be required to sign an agreement that spells out the correct interpretation of “Digital Native”… And anyone caught using it incorrectly will face the wrath of the commnity

      1. Existing literature including Wikipedia do not give a proper
        answer to what is a digital native in the Zimbabwe contest, whats there is only a working definition. In the
        past a digital was imagined to be a white mostly male tech savy person. Digital
        natives continue to be criticized by some scholars as being ignorant and dumb,
        addicts with poor social skills, self centred, digital pirates, plagiarists,
        consumers rather than citizens. This might also be true to people who identify
        themselves as digital natives in Zimbabwe especially in the absence locally
        specific of literature on this subject. However there are some applause for
        digital natives which also we cant substantiate on the Zimbabwe context and
        calls for a seminar are in order.

  2. great thinking but hmmmmmmmmm pricey. All the same i like an innovative and working mind that look for opportunities

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