Telecel Zimbabwe disconnects about 10,000 active unregistered SIM cards

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TelecelA report in the NewsDay today says Telecel Zimbabwe has switched off nearly 100,000 sim cards a result of the directive from POTRAZ last month to that effect. The Telecel Branding Director, Obert Mandimika, explains in the report though that just about 10,000 of those subscribers  were active lines. The rest, he says, are lines that haven’t made any revenue generating activity in the past 90 days, which according to him, makes them “inactive”. It’s an explanation meant to allay fears in the market that this could affect the company’s bottom line negatively.

At the end of last month, Telecel advised subscribers to register their lines or risk disconnection. Most active subscribers, says the report, responded by registering their lines.

source: NewsDay



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