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Zimbabwe apps review: C2 Media’s TelOne directory

Reviewed using G-Tel A704 InspireX 

telone-appC2 Media has made some serious strides in the area of mobile applications. They have developed applications for iOS, Android and biNu in addition to other custom software design & development. They have a noticeably long track record of some renowned corporates and small companies that they have worked with.

From the research that we have received they are probably the leading mobile application developers in Zimbabwe. I honestly don’t know of any contenders of their calibre. I am waiting for the day when Ecocash will let us know that they now have a mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows and I am placing my wager behind Brad and team.

Available for Android (2.2 and later) and iOS (4.3 and later), this is a most basic Zimbabwe telephone directory application with low data bundle appetite. Very light on Android and slightly heavier on iOS. It uses the Telone directory listing as its database. The major downside so far is the lack of updates on TelOne’s side. Some very ancient numbers are listed as active when as a matter of fact they have long since been disconnected. Again this is only available for Fixed Voice subscribers which is a major downer.


  • Very responsive. Results are returned in a split second.


  • Something is very odd about the disclaimer on the landing page, I don’t like it.
  • It doesn’t give you the confidence. I don’t mind seeing it once on installation but not each time?
  • The advert section covers the name search box when I try to type in a name when I use use my phone in the normal position although it works fine when landscape inverted. The Location scroll down list doesn’t show the towns on my phone.
  • I am worried about a company like TelOne allowing in-app adverts from other companies, particularly a Buddie advert. Am I missing something here?

My Rating: 
3 out of 5

Google Play Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

App Store Rating: Has not been downloaded enough to give a rating

This review will be done using a different mobile phone make and operating system.

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4 thoughts on “Zimbabwe apps review: C2 Media’s TelOne directory

  1. Something is very odd about the disclaimer on the landing page, I don’t like it? Who are you?

    1. I’m a user who downloaded the app and is giving feedback so that the developer can improve his app. Don’t worry, I can understand if you don’t value feedback in app development- you are completely forgiven for your dumb ignorance…

  2. Not sure if they fixed the bug yet but the app was only returning Harare Contacts . Either that or they are only ten “Ncube”s listed in the whole of Zimbabwe

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