Zimbabwe mobile broadband speedtests results compared #ICTAfrica2013

As some of you may know, we decided this year to participate in the ICT Africa event by hosting an impromptu 1 hour Broadband Shootout at the 3 day event! The shootout was simple; every operator would get a chance to speak for two minutes about what makes their service the best broadband locally, and then afterwards we would do a speedtest. We did it over two days and did tests for at least 4 mobile broadband operators; PowerTel, Telecel, Econet and NetOne.

And here are the results below, sorted according to the network with the fastest download speed.

Econet topped the four with a download speed of 6.87 Mbps. Their upload speed was however the lowest at 0.77 Mbps:



Telecel had the second best download speed at a download rate of 6.62 Mbps, and again the second best uploaded speed of 0.87 Mbps:


Third, but not by a huge margin, was NetOne with a download speed of 5.63 Mbps and the best upload at 0.94 Mbps:


PowerTel, which uses the CDMA, a technology different from the other three, scored the least in a test we did yesterday. The download speed was 0.34 Mbps and upload 0.59 Mbps.

You will notice that all three GSM mobile operators show Liquid Telecommunications as the carrier. This is because Liquid supplies their backhaul fibre connectivity. The three all offer 3G services. Econet however recently introduced LTE with some coverage in Harare CBD, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.

Please note that the tests were carried out at Harare International Conference Center (HICC) and that this was just a spontaneous. nothing scientific. There are many other factors that determine the speed of a network at any given time and place. Also note that fixed broadband operators also had a chance to speak about their service but we couldn’t test the speed for obvious reasons.