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Zimfon, a VoIP service for the diaspora, to officially launch next week

zimfon-dogZimfon, a US-based Voice-over Internet Protocol service provider (VoIP), targeting Zimbabwe’s diaspora, has said they will be officially launching an additional service next week at an event to be held in Harare. Zimfon has so far been offering VoIP services to Zimbabweans in the diaspora through the Africom network. A teaser on their site indicates they will be offering a flat monthly fee of $13.99 for calls to Zimbabwe.

We’re not sure how big a deal this will be for people in the diaspora, but a comparison with the popular VoIp service Skype shows that if Zimfon will truly be unlimited, it will be significantly cheaper. Skype charges at least $24 for VoIP calls to Zimbabwean landlines and mobiles but only for up to 60 minutes a month. $45 for 120 minutes, and $129 for 400 minutes.

zimfon-ratesOn their current voice ratesZimfon charges US 12 cents a minute for calls to all mobile networks
and fixed networks with the exception of the Africom network to which they charge 6 cents a minute. These are the same rates Africom charges locally. 

We have no idea if Zimfon is an Africom project, a Guro-o partner, or just a company with special arrangements with Africom.

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51 thoughts on “Zimfon, a VoIP service for the diaspora, to officially launch next week

  1. Well, is this will allow unlimited access to all mobile networks this will be the biggest news zimbabwe has ever received. Cant wait

    1. Biggest news indeed for years and years now mobile providers particularly Econet has been charging 35 cents/ minute this reap off finally is exposed.

  2. That will be very good news but I wonder how they will get around the termination fee charged by the mobile operators?

    1. I am sure there is other VoIP companies around the world that terminate to mobile operators check POTRAZ nothing new in the face of the sun, I think this is good news.

    1. This is not a factual statement. Zimfon is not a reseller of Africom VoIP services. Zimfon targets Zimbabweans in the diaspora who want to call Zimbabwe at affordable rates.

      1. Hi IANB

        Create an account and pay for it from that website. The number you select is an africom number which you can top up independently from the Zimfon after that. You can get the same number using Guro-o

        1. All of you sound confused partnerships between companies exist everywhere and in any industry e.g airlines South African airlines and Swiss Airlines or , e.g Econet and South Africa’s Cell C, i don’t see why all of a sudden its a different company its an issue. Let’s stay objective a company that saves Zimbabweans money is a good company.

    1. Econet VoIP and Zimfon are not targetting the same market. Zimfon is focused on Zimbabweans in the diaspora who want to call home at very affordable rates. Econet VoIP’s core market is not the diaspora market. In the diaspora connectivity quality is almost always guaranteed due to higher bandwidth enabling fast connections.

      1. There are underground deals like that as well with Econet Voip. Is your service registered with POTRAZ

        1. Liberty you obviously have no clue about local and international partnerships within the telcoms space if you did you wouldn’t have mentioned the word POTRAZ looks like you are protecting and promoting certain interests other than appreciating innovation, fair enterprise and diversity. Keep using one service.

        2. Liberty, may you give step by step on how to register with Liquid online. How do i use the % you have put above?

          Also i was using Econet voip last year, i have VOIP number and PIN already but these are being rejected by Liquid

    2. I have an Econet VoIP number and it works very well wherever you are in the world but the biggest problem if you are in the diaspora is that you have to ask someone in Zim to go to the Econet office to top up the account. With Africom you can top up using Paypal. From Econet VoIP you can call all the mobile networks whereas Africom doesnt connect to Telecel. Africom doesn’t also always give correct messages when you dial Econet mobile subscriber who is unreachable or busy. You just get a connection error whereas Econet VoIP will tell you that subscriber is busy or unreachable.

      1. Your analysis shows clearly that Econet’s core VoIP market is not the diaspora. Zimfon’s market is the diaspora. With the inconvenience you are describing of having to ask someone to go to an Econet top up VoIP account, Econet’s VoIP service will not be attractive to the diaspora market.

        1. Hi No Brainer

          Facts are stubborn..this africom. You are only creating numbers from the website and put them in a pool for instant purchase. How can people buy $10 something they can get from Payment for Africom is very easy, you can create a wrapper web application, that will use technology like CURL to post the stored juice cards to africom system.

          Any ZIm number should be properly registered as per the laws of Zimbabwe. If I want to be cruel I can enquire with the Government if this arrangement is permissible where you give numbers to people who are not resident in Zimbabwe. So No Brainer…please relax…We are very technical to know what you guys are doing. Econet Voip qualitywise is far much better.

          1. This is turning ugly and becoming a cyber war however Liberty speaks for Econet speaks for Government and seems to be hurt by something Zimfon is doing called saving Zimbabweans in the diaspora money. Not really sure if you are a monopolist, a dictator or you really are fighting for a cause ?? speaking many voices people just want competition and choice, get a job at Econet and also do part time at POTRAZ since you like to represent them.

            1. I dont support them, but I am only reminding you of the rules of Zimbabwe. Is there any new LAW that allows you to get a line when you are not a resident of Zimbabwe. I am not saying its a crime not to be a resident, but facts when said as they are, they are stubborn. Please relook at the LAWS that deals with mobile users and networks and see the constraints surrounding the issuance of Mobile Numbers. What I wouldnt want to happen to people of Zimbabwe in the diaspora is to pay for a service they dont know the finer details about. I dont hate your project, but be closer to being honest to the public. There is no proper identity to who owns the company or the project, or the company profile. Unless if people are prepared to lose their 10 Dollars, they have to use this service with caution. Remember the Herbert Rinashe and Irfaan Valera Case….

              1. Dear Liberty, you are speculating. Get your facts in order.
                1. Zimfon is a Delaware incorporated entity.It is part of the Telematic Group as shownon it’s website. You would rather ask about the governance structure rather than speculating. For your own information, Zimfon is led by a mix of veteran technocrats and young talent.It’s most senior directors are highly respected business leaders who lead some of the most dynamic diaspora business and social networking fora.
                2. Do those using VoIP need to register with Potraz? Guroo is offering caller IDs to its customers not living in Zimbabwe. Why are you not raising the same argument against Guroo? Be consistent.

              2. Didnt I tell you to sort out your mess. You should have marketed this product only in certain countries and make sure your product doesnt make publicity in Zimbabwe. Look now, POTRAZ has opened its eyes. Hamuterere.Munofunga kuti tinenge tichikuvengerai innovations dzenyu. Underground VOIP services are making big bucks quitely. Not zvenyu izvi. One thing I can tell you is POTRAZ wont have mercy with you. Next time you just need to know how to Market your product.

      2. Zimfon ndizvo. Quality and connectivity are over the top. Exactly what we need out here in the Diaspora. Kudos guys, keep it up and let us remain connected cost effectively and efficiently with folks back home. No amount of mug slinging will change my opinion on this good product!!! Pamberi ne Zimfon

        1. For many years no one really cared about Zimbabweans in the diaspora suffering from outrageously expensive voice calls to Zimbabwe. Zimfon took notice and worked to find a sweet relief to Zim’s diaspora who have been at the mercy of overcharging service providers. All fair minded Zimbabweans should applaud Zimfon for caring about Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Actions speak louder than words.

    1. I am not sure if you are in the diaspora. Why Zimfon is targetting diaspora a to originate VoIP calls is that there is adequate bandwidth to assure high quality VoIP calls. Low bandwidth in Zim will affect quality of calls if you are originating VoIP calls in Zimbabwe.

  3. Zimfon from what I know is not Africom. Of course they use Africom DIDs. Diaspora VoIP solution was conceived by Tom Nyandoro (USA) and Robert Ndlovu (Zim).And they invited the current owner Gerry Dumani into the project.They approached us (Africom) for a block of numbers.After intensive testing things went quiet.And then Dumani broke loose and approached Africom for a separate contract and got it.

    1. Sounds like walala wasala! Shingi can you tell us your position at Africom since you speak as if you own it? Sounds quite shady you wouldn’t put your title. As a customer i don’t really care about unproven allegations. It Never seizes to amaze me on the use of a tech platform to vent unproductive issues. This platform is here to evaluate products not create what seems to be an alias to personalize issues..Let everyone Play the ball …( im sure you can complete that saying) All i want is revolutionary technology that grows our country and encourages innovation. How its done, who its with i don’t care and normal customers dont. My ZimFon works that’s all i want! In any case, it seems ZimFon is US based and in heart of free enterprise. So if they are true innovators and entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs we will be waiting for the next “Pixar”..equivalent form Tom & Rob…

      1. I agree!! Pamberi ne innovation… Absolutely love Zimfon!! Calling home is just too expensive. Some welcome relief! Lets all support Zimfon – Here in Canada people are very patriotic, i know that to be true in the US as well. Lets be patriotic and support our own products and technology innovations. We have the highest literacy rate in Africa and zero innovations! As self respecting Zimbabweans it really is a ” NO BRAINER’ Absolutely love that tag line.. It really is a ‘NO BRAINER”. Lets be patriotic… Go ZimFon

        1. People have very short memories.. Econet started as an underdog with and look at them now. Lets adopt an attitude that supports new innovation. Its better for all of us_ customers, Zimbabweans and the economy as a whole!. We all tweet, Facebook & skype. All those innovations where embraced by their own markets and now the world shares and cant live without them… Im 110% behind Zimfon. Make us proud!

    2. This is obviously a misleading statement from a pseudo Africom employee or owner, whoever you are, Shingie. Diaspora VoIP was never conceived by any one particular individual or individuals, especially the ones mentioned by you, Shingie. What have these two so-called innovators ever done for the Zim telecom market. I guess, nada, zero, zilch!!! No track record whatsoever .There are several competing propositions out there and looks like Zimfon is properly packaged to win the hearts and minds of progressive Diasporans who embrace innovation. Thanks to the Zimfon crew and keep it up. Ndolavha Zimfon zvekuti bhe !!!!!

  4. I have to agree that Zimfon is doing good atleast for Zimbabwe, our fellow people sees it as good plan for zimbabwe unlike Vitelglobal communications, where it offers exciting plans for US, UK and Canada.

    1. Wow…Have you been to their website. Just saw it today, love that it has a world class look and feel, 24hour call center as well! see for yourself. This is really the quality and service we need in Zimbabwe. Im SOLD! Nice one Zimfon. You’ve won my support

  5. ZImfon is having a misleading advert on their website. The unlimited calls are for AFRICOM only. All other networks will still be charged at 12C a minute

    1. Wow…Chhihelele, why is it difficult for us as Zimbos to just appreciate the initiative. Even if its 12c thats significantly cheaper than 30 plus cents per min! Stop hatting and support! Go Zimfon don’t worry about the haters. As they say over here in Brooklyn, i got you!

      1. Guroo has been charging 12C a minute for 6 months plus now. Nothing new.
        They dont have to mis lead us into saying unlimited calls to zimbabwe. Its Unlimited calls to Africom. Simple as. No hating, Just fact

        1. Hi Chipanga. Fact check; Zimfon launched before Guroo. Zimfon launched on 27 May at the ZimExpo in Texas, USA.Zimfon has dedicated 24 hr call centres in its main geographical markets (SA, US, UK). Those in the diaspora love this service. If you one day go and live in the diaspora you will enjoy this world class innovation for those in the diaspora who want cheap, high quality voice calls to Zimbabwe backed by excellent customer service.

            1. Hi Liberty. You are twisting facts and the arguments you are putting a cross are not sound. For instance, Guroo gives caller IDs to non resident Zimbabweans. Why have you not raised the issue of compluance with Potraz compliance with regards to Guroo? Get your ducks in row Liberty.

            2. You are obviously biased against Zimfon but let me tell you something for nothing. I am SOLD on Zimfon and stop wasting your time on negativity.

              1. The problem is when you are paid to market something, you have to do it :). Anyway only time will tell.

              2. I guess the problem is even bigger when others have been paid to decampaign something. Only time will tell how far one can go against innovation that makes sense.

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