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Introducing the Techzim weekly podcast!

Techzim Podcast Microphones

techzim-podcastThose of you that know how Techzim started will tell you it started as an email list of friends in tech. We would mail each other back and forth, discuss for days about local tech, startups, about internet deals, devices, tech personalities… the Facebooks too! So anyway, those became the blog. But here’s the thing: we still have lots of discussion in the office on tech stuff that’s going on locally and internationally. So much discussion actually sometimes it affects the other work. Especially when friends pass by the office.

So we thought, why not just share these discussions via audio, especially since podcast shows as a concept that’s established already there’s really no cracking our heads designing or developing the how! We went ahead and excitedly recorded our first podcast last week. We hope to record our second show tomorrow. Weekly shows that we share on the Monday for those of you that prefer to listen than read, and that just want a roundup of everything worth knowing that week!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did doing the show. In future we plan to invite some interesting people in the industry to participate and even host shows. We will have some entrepreneurs over, tech leaders in tech companies, developers, policy guys and so on. So go ahead and hit play!

We’d really love some feedback so we make it better each time we hit record. Please comment away. Even suggest a name for the show!

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19 thoughts on “Introducing the Techzim weekly podcast!

  1. AWESOOOOOOME!!! nice I listen more than I read so yeah!! @pindilemhandu:disqus yep echo pretty killing the vibe thumbs up.

  2. Wow quite long, not sure how many people can listen to a full 54mins of audio. Have listened to the first 5 mins and it sounds good.

    Otherwise nice work as usual!

      1. I reckon maybe making 20 or 30 minutes, if you got an hour or so then maybe have the podcast bianually

      2. I would think 15mins a week with a monthly round up with possible responses to some of the previous podcasts/articles. Biannually would not be good 🙂

  3. Brilliant, I like the laid back feel, i.e. no script. Nonetheless I have to agree with @RaymondSwart:disqus, for a round up the podcast is too long but who says you can’t have two shows a detailed one and a short summarised one. We have tried our hand at podcasting as well and the echo is not difficult to deal with using some simple DIY solutions…..listen to our attempt here

  4. A catchy little theme song/jingle would be nice! And don’t forget to plug your websites, not everyone will get to your podcast through this site, downloaded files can be shared, direct links to soundcloud can be posted! You could try recording in a room with lots of soft furnishings ie sofas, heavy curtains, thick carpets etc to take the edge off the acoustics. Otherwise great episode, looking forward to the second!

  5. This is super. To tell you the truth I never heard this echo that you guys are saying.. The sound quality was just fantastic and way better than the quality of sound I hear when I listen to radio. Are we free to share this recording through the normal distrubution channels like bluetooth, memory cards e.t.c to other people who cant download this record

      1. he file is 50Meg and its in flv, isnt there another format that can make it smaller?Its great to know that techzim is now podcasting, I am really happy to hear this as this was something which was really impractical in the past but with falling internet prices its the right time to podcast to a both local and international zim audience,

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