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StartupBus Africa: GreenBack App to rally world for a greener Africa #SUBA13

greenback-appWe just got an email from one of the team pitching in a few hours today at the StartupBus Africa finals in Cape Town. The team, GreenBack, has developed an app with which they aim to rally the world to contribute resources (money, time viewing ads, or buying at participating sponsors) to an ongoing fund raising aimed at helping Africa with a greener future.

A member of the team tells us the Android app, picture above, is already live.

Here’s their full release:

With just hours left before the finals of the Startup Bus Africa, team GreenBack has been working non stop to deliver it’s revolutionary solution tht can light up homes across Africa!

At the GreenBack Initiative, we will mobilize with your support a worldwide community of supporters to light up Africa and help African families pave their way to a greener future!

Today, Sub-Saharan Africa is still the most energy deprived continent. Of 830mn people living there, only 29% have access to electricity. In rural areas that drops to a sad 12%.

Some 115mn households are left only …with dirty sources of energy and light. And they are expensive: $ 10 per month go to kerosene lamps, candles and the like. A whopping $ 13.8bn, every year!

This is where the GreenBack Initiative comes in. And you.

We build an app-powered points scheme that let’s you raise funds and pay for clean, solar energy for African families. You and a worldwide community of supporters for a bright and green future for Africa and the world – our GreenBackers.

Everytime you purchase at participating sponsors, everytime you check-in on our app and see an ad, and everytime you donate money or the rewards you earned at loyalty programs, GreenBack points are earned that will go to prepurchase energy for African families.

In this way, you can contribute what you can, where and when you can.

And in return, the families (our GreenBackees) will give back to their communities and all of us, by volunteering at NGOs that promote a greener way of life. Making sure that causes like environmental protection and conservation take deep roots in Africa.

We are excited about getting this done together with you. So, spread the word, get prepared, and let’s get started to get GreenBack!

The team is one of the many startup teams that will be pitching today at the final destination of the StartupBus Africa trip.

The Startup Bus left Harare on Monday 18 November and travelled for 5 days to Cape Twon.

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