Telecash improves on EcoCash menus. Here are some Exclusive screenshots

telecash-boxSo over a week ago we revealed that Telecash had been opened to staff and that they were accessing it via the *888# USSD code. We have more. Our insider sources at the company leaked the menu screenshots below, which show exactly how Telecash works. And it’s EcoCash, improved.

You know some of those things that you wish EcoCash did but it chooses not to do? Telecash fixes some of them. Like that crazy long USSD code you have saved as a contact just so you don’t forget, or that the fact that you have to have a notebook handy to remember what biller code DStv is.

First, the key improvements we noted:

  • With Telecash you don’t need to remember common biller codes. The menu has them (DStv, City council etc…). It also seems you will have the option to save your own frequently used biller codes.  How convenient is that!
  • You don’t have to enter your pin code immediately upon access the platform. The “Enter Pin” box only comes when you attempt to do a transaction. The advantage this has over the other method is that if the network is bad  (like it sometimes is with mobile operators), you have one less step to repeat over and over again. There may also be other security implications but we’re not sure right now.
  • The short USSD code. With EcoCash, the only way to solve this so far has been to save the code as a contact. The triple 8 makes it so much easier.
  • Banking services we’ll talk about in a post of its own coz it’s clearly worth its own mention!

Here are the Telecash menu screenshots:

The main menu
Telecash biller menu. Unlike EcoCash, Telecash displays menu numbers for what looks like the commonly used billers, which is a huge convenience headache resolved!
Telecash wallet services
Telecash, cashing out
Pin request. This screen only comes when you actually need to do a transaction.
Telecash – sending money

Telecash airtime buying screen
Telecash, selecting which credit to buy

More stuff coming today. Check back!

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6 thoughts on “Telecash improves on EcoCash menus. Here are some Exclusive screenshots

  1. Especially the idea of having to punch in your PIN 7x7x7 times when Econet network is (as usual) down!!! At least ask for the pin when there is need to ID myself!

  2. I know this article is meant to compare/contrast Telecash with Ecocash but I feel the writing could have been a little more objective. There’s a bias towards Telecash and that makes me a little skeptical of the product. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to try it out, it looks very intuitive and user-friendly. Kudos to the team

  3. Except for the frequently used biller codes, there is really nothing to talk about….. this article seems as if it was sponsored by Telecel in bid to market their product…..

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