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2014, a tech prophecy for Zimbabwe

spectacles-calendarBehold, this vision was given unto me by my mind. Listen carefully and bookmark these words.

Gigabits will soar on Wings like eagles.
I see what appear to be kilo-bits turning into a megabits, I see megabits mounting on wings like eagles and turning into Gigabits, behold it is beautiful. But across the land, like a mighty eucalyptus falling in the wind with a mighty thud, I see internet prices tumbling. In 2014 the Internet shall become faster and cheaper. I see men in work suits digging trenches, suburb upon suburb, even suburbs that have been dug up before; there I see more digging.

I see newspapers burning
I see newspapers, many of them, burning. Thanks to the higher Internet penetration and proliferation of alternative news sources and social media. In 2014 I see the local newspaper industry unraveling at a more aggressive rate than before. A failure to successfully make the transition to monetized Internet distribution will see a lot of big name publishing giants collapsing before our eyes. Depressed ad revenues thanks to an exhausted and confused economy will only make the situation worse.

Money will connect to the internet.
Local techies have been crying for a long time, in 2014 their cries shall be heard. I see money shading its paper form and taking on a binary form as it goes back and forth across fiber optic wires and terrestrial skies. I see much activity in the mobile money space, I see USSD breaching the gap and reaching out to HTTP via an API. People will buy many things without leaving their homes. I see many motorcycles, like drones, delivering packages upon doorsteps and electric fenced gates. Behold, I also see some very strong resistance from men in suits and ties. 

A Bubble will Burst across the sea
For a while now I’ve warned that the rags to riches stories of startup glory that tempt our own techies here is a big deception, a bubble to use the technically correct term. I have shared this vision before. In 2014 we will start to see the signs of an impending stock crush across the sea in a valley far far away. Behold the increasingly ridiculous valuations and bizarre acquisitions, the time is nigh. I see many people in the land of the free losing their fortunes over night. This will be worse than anything ever seen since the bubble, even if it is delayed in 2014, we will surely see signs of its coming.  It will come to pass.

I see Giant Slayers Arising
I see within the secure fortresses of local hubs and incubators, a new generation of giant slayers hatching.  Women and men of creative valor and programing genius who will gift us with the vision of a promising future.  Before these men and women, giants will fall. Unemployment, drought, illiteracy, poverty, disease and corruption shall be slain.

Behold, As I waited for another vision, my $300 per month internet connection suddenly came back up after the usual bouts of down time so I had to get back to work.

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8 thoughts on “2014, a tech prophecy for Zimbabwe

  1. Highly doubt kuti we’ll see the bubble bursting, at least not in the near future. People learnt a lesson in the dotcom bubble of the late 90s.

  2. Interesting symbolism and imagery. Well done Taf. However the bubble will not burst…because I ma yet to come across a real tech bubble in Zimbabwe. Technologically we have been laggards. However we do have an opportunity to leapfrog and take advantage of “infrastucture hacking” We are in the digital/information age. There will be a huge move towards starts ups around content/information. Social and business Networking and collaboration online is gonna be huge.

  3. I beg to differ Newspapers wont burn there is more to Newspapers than news much like Magazines. Much like what was said about MP3 Players killing Broadcast Radio

  4. I see Techzim writers taking remedial classes in English grammar online. They turn to the once shunned practice of spell checking and proof-reading before publishing. Readers of varying levels of English proficiency will weep with relief, burdens of having to pause to decipher intended meaning now alleviated!
    I also see faster internet or cheaper internet, but not both at the same time!

  5. The bubble won’t burst. Period.

    Newspapers that do not innovate interms of target-audience-news-quality will face challenges, we already saw some liquidating.

    Start-up scene in Harare will grow and have an effect on people’s lives and moreover create much needed employment.
    Stewart Bank will become a giant.

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