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OK opens a tech retail outlet called iTech

logo-OKZ_webEarly this week we noticed three quarter page advert in the Herald advertising a new consumer electronics retail shop in Harare called iTech. Initially we did not think much of it but in our heads we were thinking this startup should be well funded to afford a three quarter page advert in the Herald and to have Bakers Ogilvy as their advertising agent.

Well it turns out this new tech retail outlet is owned by retail giant OK Zimbabwe according to a FinX report.



The FinX report doesn’t says much except that the new shop is part of OK’s product diversification strategy to grow revenue and besides selling hi-tech products, iTech will also have booths from other tech companies that “will have technological experts from their respective companies to assist clients with their respective solutions (to) problems like software upgrades”.

iTech is at Eastlea Shopping Center along Samora Machel Avanue in Harare.

Econet, Netone, Africom, Powertel and Samsung already have booths but so far only Powertel’s booth is manned.




The interior looks brilliant and will look even better once completely stocked up. Although the advert says “Now Open”, the store will be officially opened in a fortnight and hopefully we will have a complete picture of the product range. The convenience of having all ISPs and MNOs under one roof (they all have equally sized booths by the way) will likely draw people from all over town to this one central hub.

This is not OK’s first venture in Tech. The company also owns Swan Technologies, a company that deals in software developments, mainly for retail solutions and point of sale hardware.

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20 thoughts on “OK opens a tech retail outlet called iTech

  1. The shop looks brilliant – but importantly i think this is a smart move by OK. The concept shop compares favourably if not better than just the look and feel. Should give an exciting shopping experience.

  2. “Initially we did not think much of it”. I like this part. That’s the popular way of looking at start ups hey. If we can view a start up that can advertise that much backed by such agents then there is no hope in our minds for others that can’t afford to introduce themselves in like manner.

    Isn’t it the same way you were viewed when you started?

    However this is good development for our country.

    1. Hi, you raised some important questions there. What made this story newsworthy to us was not the start up element but the fact that a retail giant is diversifying into consumer electronics and the collaboration with MNOs/ISPs. We didn’t think there was much of a story outside this, startup or otherwise. If you look at our record, we always give serious startups a voice, well funded or not. But I do get where you are coming from.

      1. l did not want want to comment but l get the feeling u are almost “arrogant”.Please explain what a “serious” start up is

        1. I wouldn’t read too much into this. I’m sure we have all seen our fair share of poorly thought out or executed start-up ideas.

        2. Serious start-ups could mean those that are well thought and determined to go. This is opposite to say someone who casually wants to start up a business without the necessary understanding or determination to go for it.Not always important but this usually decides whether its a serious start up or not.

          1. I think people are being too technical with the Queen’s language. We know just about every other start-up that comes up in Zim is given a wide berth before it is fully appreciated.

      2. @Tendai Mupaso you mentioned that you got info from a Finx report.I used to be subscribed but its been a while since I got them.Their website is down.

        How are you getting them?Any contacts?

      1. LOL… are you sure you dont call Cash-bert?
        On a serious note though, I am sure you can go there in person and get the details or possibly call the head office for ok

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