Econet said to be registering voice customers to EcoCash automatically

ecocash-bannerA tip that came to us via Twitter today suggest Econet is now registering EcoCash users automatically. Meaning, in short, that if you’re an Econet subscriber, you’ll now automatically – with no action on your part – become an EcoCash mobile money subscriber. If true, this will boost EcoCash subscribers from the current 3.5 million to possibly around 8.5 million.

How this is different from the current (soon to be previous) way of registration is that to subscriber a customer is required to register their personal details, with a valid photo ID card, at any Econet shop or agent counter in the country.

It makes sense for Econet to do this as they already have the subscriber’s registration details via the KYC sim registration that is mandatory. To register for EcoCash, there’s none of the passport size photo business that goes on at the banks. And since an EcoCash account doesn’t attract any monthly charges, it’s not like it’s going to hurt anyone to have an unused ‘active’ account.


We’re guessing once the new way is effected Econet subscribers will receive a message welcoming them to EcoCash.

We asked Econet about it this morning and they promised to send an official update to the press, which usually means there indeed is something official taking place.

As a strategy to boost mobile money subscribers, this is not really something new. In Zambia for example, in December 2013, Airtel is said to have used the SIM registration exercise as an opportunity to register customers to their Airtel Money service.

Why Econet is doing it now points mostly to the threat of competition that is Telecash.

More on this when we get an official update.

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11 thoughts on “Econet said to be registering voice customers to EcoCash automatically

  1. the timing definitely suggests this as a counter to Telecel’s Telecash. the ‘official’ process of providing photos and IDs ensures you’re the owner of the line you’re trying to register for Ecocash. this automatic registering doesn’t. it may not look like a big deal, but i’d like to know what’s being done with my line and i’d like to be able to choose the services i want from the service provider. it definitely is a big deal to Econet if this strategy boosts their Ecocash subscribers by more than double, and by default, the charges on Ecocash transactions. Econet carried out a ‘courtesy call’ earlier this week, contacting subscribers and asking them if they would be interested in registering for EcoCash. what was the point of this exercise if they are going to automatically register you anyway? What they should have done was inform its subscribers that Ecocash was going to be automatic with effect from Tuesday, 18th February instead of wasting my time asking if i wanted the service the day before they went ahead and did it anyway.

  2. That means my information will be in the public domain without my consent. You can check the name of the owner of a number if that number is registered on ecocash….ahh

    1. haiwawo munongochemawo nezvisina basa….wats with a name and a phone number only…ndimi mukutiza nezvikwereti zvevanhu imi…its nt lik people wl cee yo adress frm trying to send you mani…hindaaa mungori against everythng and anythng…ts a very good idea i find t good coz i dnt eed to go to any ecocash shop wt all thoser requirements and register..

      1. Ever heard of “spear-phishing”? If I have your name & phone number, I am in a better position to con/scam you. Imagine the following cold-call or SMS “Hi John Huni, I’m calling from Ecocash. You’ve won this Months Ecocash Bonanza promotion! You’ll need to transact at least once to claim your $800 prize by transfering a minimum of $10 to the following accoount…”

        1. bt thts daft if you can be conned with tht age old trick…i knw those knds f trcks bt who still falls for those kinds of stupid tricks….not me…
          lets take ths as jus one f services offered by econet on purchasing their line..jus lik sending a message…of which ts voluntary u can send messages or u can choose to jus make calls…..f u are registered u can choose to use ecocash or jus ignore t..u loose nthng…handisati ndambonzwa munhu akafonerwa kunzi sei musingasende mamessages neeconet ini…t wl b the same..
          USE IT OR IGNORE IT……FOR ME i wil use t….

  3. To register for EcoCash, there’s none of the passport size photo business that goes on at the banks

    hahahhaha,i will say again i like the style of writing

  4. But kana vaine ID dzacho kare panemhosva here? Iye munhu arikumhanya ne raini risiri rake ndiye arikutopara mhosva. That line should not be live in the first place if not yours. Fearing Telecash I do not think so. Tingangoti i creativity because vakomana vacho vane brain dzinomhanyamhanya. But seriously if the person was positively Identified kare, pane mhosva here apa?

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