Latest techzim podcast: EcoSchool, Muzinda hackathon, Paper, Microsoft 4Afrika

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Here’s our latest Techzim podcast episode! Guest on the show was Tinashe Nyaruwanga, blogger, social media & eCommerce enthusiast, Clinton Mutambo, our events coordinator here and the founder of, myself, and William Chui hosting. We chatted about Econet Services’s latest initiative, EcoSchool, Facebook’s new Paper app, the Muzinda Health apps Hackathon, and, briefly, Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative.

As usual we’d love your comments in the podcast itself, or down below here. We also have a promo code somewhere in the podcast itself so if you’re up for a special gift form our store, make sure you’re listening out for it. We had a great time making this, hope you enjoy it too!


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