How much WhatsApp’s $19 billion is worth in Zimbabwe money (Infographic)

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

Seeing WhatsApp’s seemingly extremely high valuation that came with the announcement today by Facebook that they are acquiring it. We thought we could bring the figures home a bit and have some fun drawing some quick comparisons with some country figures as well as the value of some local companies like Delta , Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, and Innscor Africa.

Here goes the infographic: You can view the interactive version of the infographic on Infogram.


If you have other interesting comparisons we can make, you’re welcome to comment away below!


  1. ic0n1c

    Nice infographic… please do more. They help our “seniors” to put things into perspective.

    1. Mutapa

      Zvitaurire… aiwa kutamba hangu. Uri right ipapo.

  2. mduduzi

    Really cool guys. Thanks for that.

  3. Farai Sairai

    Great article

  4. Norman Nhliziyo


  5. zesa boy

    How many power stations can we build with such moolah?

  6. Added Advantage

    If WhatsApp had to pay Cashberts salary, they would run dry after 6800 years!!!

  7. wayan

    OMG – LMAO!! Great one, guys. Perfect pitch humor.

  8. Mutapa

    Ko, vabhadharirei mari yakawanda kudaro? Handiti you can download Whatsapp yacho for free pa internet? As connection yavo iri slow?

  9. Farai Mutambanengwe

    This is the reason why we should be investing in IT innovation instead of failed industries in which we are uncompetitive!

  10. Zimbo@heart

    Nice stuff Kabweza.

  11. Pridemw

    Awesome analysis!

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