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Techzim Podcast: Telecash, EcoCash war, Parcelgogo, Tech hubs and other stuff

Techzim Podcast Microphones

Here’s the latest Techzim podcast. In the episode we discussed the ongoing war between Telecel and Econet Wireless for mobile money agents – the underhanded stuff operators would (or would not) do to protect an investment – the newly formedĀ association of mobile money agents, the tech hubs and a bit about Flappy Bird (yes, we couldn’t resist!)

The startup under discussion in this episode is Parcelgogo, who are looking to change the way parcels are delivered locally through a new crowdsourcing method.

As usual, there’s a promo code in there, so listen out for it. Please do share your comments about the issues discussed in the stream itself, or down below.

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4 thoughts on “Techzim Podcast: Telecash, EcoCash war, Parcelgogo, Tech hubs and other stuff

  1. I shall contribute my share to Dong Nguyen’s $50000 until i get 100 points! …Which i guess is another way to say until forever and ever amen šŸ™

  2. The Mobile Agents Association is a Fake. I have information about this bunch, its so called executive do not even operate any Agencies at all. They are not on any of the networks. This is a money making scheme clandestinely sponsored by one of the operators that I shall not name. They also approached us to be part of this but we could not play ball when they started demanding money. Where were they pese apa, please be careful of losing your hard earned little commissions!

  3. I think William is too much biased towards Telecel every time. We need commentators who are objective. Let’s be professional

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