Zimstocks app on a mission to encourage safe investment in listed companies


Just a handful of mobile apps have succeed, let alone last a few months with sustained growth. Infact,  for some reason, most local mobile apps disappear from the scene within weeks from launch. But this is not the case with Zimstocks.

So far, the Zimstocks app has survived early death and come march, the app will officially be six months old. Not something to celebrate by international standards, but locally, a few apps last this long with sustained growth.


Basically, ZimStocks is a mobile application that provides insightful information on the companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). This app is available for Android devices and thanks to a bit of advertising, the app has been installed between 1000-5000 times (Google Play official figure). Again, under 5000 downloads in 5 months is not impressive at face value but Des Chitewe, the developer behind the app explains it well.

“Stocks & Investments is pretty niche so we do not expect hundreds and thousands of downloads but the ones we get will tell us which business plan to implement.”

We have  playing around with the app over the past few weeks and we have been impressed with the detail, the quality and the consistency of the app. Although still in beta version, Zimstocks has never crashed and technically it seems to be squeaky clean.

Probably the standout feature on Zimstock is the portfolio feature which allows users to track the performance of the of the companies they have invested in. Whats great about this feature is that the transactions can be “real or fantasy”, as Des Chitewe explains it. So if you are testing an investment strategy, you record a transaction and monitor how it performs and see whether you need to refine your strategy. If you have real transactions, you can use Portfolio feature to monitor the performance in one place.

The Zimstocks app also provides an audio summary of the mining and industrial indexes which gives a great alternatives for people not particular good at reading hefty figures or simply cannot read because they are always mobile.

Although the Zimstocks app is not the official Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) app (there is no official one), the app is well designed, informative and professional, so much so, it looks official. The team at Zimstocks also put up a blog to demystify the stocks and investments for the “semi-skilled investor”.

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8 thoughts on “Zimstocks app on a mission to encourage safe investment in listed companies

  1. One of the best apps developed by a local! I have had a spin with the app and i like it, only wish they can speed up development of the iOS app…. Though its likely it will take way too long to reach the 5,000 downloads reached on Android.

    But good job from Des!

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