Econet contract customers will now call at half price on weekends & holidays

Econet Weekend Promo 1So post paid customers (“contract” we call them in these parts) don’t usually get any promo attention from the mobile operators. Well, not as much as us cheap skates buying dollar airtime scratch cards every other week get. So them getting Econet’s attention with a new promo today, caught our attention.

Econet has announced a new promotion  called Weekender Promotion that is targeted at contract subscribers. These subscribers will finally also be able to make calls for half the price they had to pay all along, albeit just at weekends and public holidays. At these times all calls will be billed at 12 cents per minute. And these are not just calls to other Econet numbers – It’s to any number in Zimbabwe.

Yes, the magic 12 that caused lots of mad drama in the industry last year. Except this is not for all calls wholesale.


As far as we know, Econet is the only operator so far to reduce prices for contract subscribers without any money commitment preconditions. Other networks, like Telecel, have monthly plans like Red, where paying a monthly flat fee accords you some freebie minutes.

The only thing visibly missing with the Weekender promotion is a data component. Would have been great for the data rate to be halved too.

Econet’s promo runs for 3 months (until 14 June), and beyond that, possibly a renewal. If you’ve been a fence sitter about whether to be on postpaid or not, maybe this (and those contract smartphones) will convince you.

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