Econet announces Econet Zero: free access to these 50+ educational websites


Today, Econet Wireless, announced the launch of a new product called Econet Zero, which extends their existing initiative; EcoSchool. Econet Zero gives all Econet subscribers free access to more than 50 educational websites.


Early this year MTN South Africa introduced free access to Wikipedia but Econet has pushed the envelope further and presenting the new product, Econet’s Darlington Mandivenga said Econet Zero is a world first.

The free websites being offered through Econet Zero are in 12 categories namely Early Education, MOOCs, Recorded Lectures, Test Prep, Books, Maths, Language learning, Programming, Music, How To’s, Random Knowledge and Research.


Local content? No there aren’t any local websites or platforms available with this free service but it’s fair to say Econet has already covered the local angle through free access to local university websites. In fact, Econet Zero covers the shortcomings of free access to University Websites because this offers little value because these websites little or no educational content.

The Econet Zero service is already active and below is a full list of the zero rated websites you can access at no cost – if you are an Econet Broadband subscriber of course.

Early Education:

MOOCS & Online Courses:

Recorded Lecturers:

Test Prep:



Language Learning:



How To’s:

Random Knowledge:

Research: – Internet Public Library

Darlington MandivengaEconet

Darlington Mandivenga is a Zimbabwean business executive and current Group CEO of Cassava, an Econet Wireless group company. He is known mostly for working in various managerial and influential positions at Econet Wireless. Read More About Darlington Mandivenga

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless International, is the first and largest mobile network services provider in Zimbabwe. The telecoms giant became popular with its products and services such as Buddie. It has established branches in different corners of the country and enjoys... Read More About Econet

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  1. SOLD……….. I just went from been Econet Wireless’s greatest hater to their number 1 fan ! Well done Econet, Strive you finally really impressed me 🙂

  2. best news i’ve heard in a very long time. only problem is it doesn’t seem to be working. tried coursera, duolingo and even wikipedia, couldn’t connect to any. i would like to know if this also works with mobile apps for the stated sites. i have wikipedia, duolingo, coursera and howstuffworks apps on my android

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