NetOne’s Mahala Weekends promo outrageous and redundant at the same time

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netOne-promoSo the country’s smallest network by subscribers has announced a promo called Mahala Weekend where subscribers can enjoy free talk time over the weekend provided they spend $5 over the course of the preceding 5 days.

Wow, was my first reaction when I came across the promo ad with a nicely designed headline reading “Amazing 48 hrs free talk time paweekend” (great that they threw in some shonglish), but the words “On NetOne to NetOne” doused my flaming excitement.

I only have a few contacts on NetOne that I would like to call over the weekend, never mind talking to them for hours with no end.

But that’s just me, judging from the latest POTRAZ stats, NetOne now has about 29% of the 13 million to mobile subscribers which means there are definitely some people being lured by NetOne’s voice offers.

People separated by distance usually catch up over the weekend and this is definitely something for them.

Surprisingly, this new Mahala Weekend promo is coming on top of the ongoing Dollar A Day promo which kind of makes the new promo redundant for a good reason.

NetOne introduced the “Dollar A Day” promo last year offering 1 hour worth free calls during peak hours and unlimited calls during off-peak hours on NetOne to NetOne, all for just $1. With this promo still running, people may lose the incentive to deliberately spend $5 to receive Mahala Weekends because they are already getting a whole lot with the current promo, even on weekends. Maybe a good problem to have?

The Mahala Weekend promo is a limited time promo valid from 13 March to 13 April 2014.


  1. MI5

    Here are some examples of funny promotions

  2. The King

    Is NetOne the smallest network by subscribers? I’m sure they have more subscribers than Africom. Do some research please before you publish

    1. Tendai Mupaso

      Yes it’s the smallest MNO by subscribers.

      1. get schooled

        is Africom not an MNO, in cae u used acrynoms u dont know MNO means mobile network operator. unless u meant GSm

      2. The Prince

        I would not blame the King for pointing out that mistake on your part. It is techzim which tells us in some articles that Africom is among the “other operators”. At one point you call them an internet operator, other times they are just operator, and sometimes “internet and VOIP operator.” What is their status. And by the way ask Kabweza why he calls Africom a VOIP operator? Someone will have a impression that you are not really sure of the status of the CDMA mobile operator in Zimbabwe. It looks like CDMA operators are not MNOs. Please enlight us, what makes one operator an MNO and the other a VOIP operator. And why VOIP operator becuase they have an application for VOIP application which is not even their core? What are the key attributes of an MNO and please apply these to Africom and categorise Africom somewhere and I think they are not an MVNO. Maybe you are correct, internet and VOIP operator, sounds like a sub category of the MNO group, not sure the folks at Africom will smile about this : being made a sub category of your competition. And “Yes it’s the smallest MNO by subscribers” is not a polite answer to an honest question and “rebuke.”

        1. Tendai Mupaso

          Hi Prince. Africom is not in the same licensing category with NetOne, Telecel and Econet. I presume that’s the classification that’s been always been used. I Apologize to King if my response to him appeared rude and impolite.

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