Techzim Podcast: thoughts on Dennis Magaya, Bitcoin’s future and the #MWC14


The story on Dennis Magaya’s dismissal from Powertel was a contentious issue on and also dominated the discussions in this podcast. We also discussed the auto registrations to EcoCash, the RBZ’s directive to mobile money operators, the demise of MtGox and the Samsung Galaxy S5.


William Chui also shares is experiences at the Mobile World Congress recently held in Barcelona Spain.

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3 thoughts on “Techzim Podcast: thoughts on Dennis Magaya, Bitcoin’s future and the #MWC14

  1. Guys look for facts first. Powertel has been making a profit of above USD2 million since 2009. the guy didn’t add any value to Powertel. Go to the company and get the true financial statements. Up to now none of his straggles have been fully implemented saka hapana chaati aunza

    1. I concur with your statement. Magaya arm-twisted Powerful to amass his ill-begotten personal wealth in return for paying bribes to Chifamba.

  2. What happened to MtGox (& some people are now calling it EmptyGox) is sad and my heart bleeds for those who had money there. But on the upside, the way Bitcoin has survived this major incident proves that Bitcoin is not just resilient but is anti-fragile. It’s also a lesson for us all that we should not depend on a trusted authority to keep our money. And this was Satoshi’s goal when he created Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first time humanity has used decentralised peer-to-peer networks to replace trusted authorities. MtGox was a trusted authority – people trusted MtGox to hold their bitcoins for them. Bad move. The reason we need to replace trusted authorities is that they continue to fail us time and time again. And until we learn these lessons of history, history will continue to teach them to us time and time again.

    These trusted authorities failed us in 2008. And because we didn’t learn those lessons of history, we put our money in Royal Bank and then history taught us again when Royal Bank shut down, then when Interfin shut down. And then Genesis Bank were closed down, then Trust Bank – history will continue to teach us this lesson until we learn it.

    I loved listening to your podcast though (as usual). You guys are one of the few bloggers out there who know the difference between MtGox and Bitcoin. The other ones who think MtGox is Bitcoin are giving Bitcoin a bad name

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