Everything you need to know about the new Telecel Go tariff plans

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Earlier today Telecel Zimbabwe launched its new prepaid service brand called Telecel Go. The new brand comes with two subscriber plans that offer separate tariff structures. However, the highlight of the press briefing was the reduction of tariffs that has been effected for both subscriber plans.

The two Telecel Go plans are Telecel Go Juic’r and Telecel Go Flexi. Telecel Go Juic’r offers a flat rate of 15 cents per minute on calls made across all networks at any time of the day.

Telecel Go Flexi offers a charge of 19 cents per minute during peak call time, 11 cents per minute during off peak hours and 9 cents during the night call period. The usual per second billing cycle applies to both subscriber plans.

To move onto the Telecel Go platform, current prepaid subscribers dial *737# and choose the package they would like to go for. Subscribers will have the option of switching between the two plans. However they are only allowed a free switch between plans once a month. Thereafter they will be charged 20 cents every time they change plan.

Both plans have the same out of bundle charges for SMS and data services which stand at 9 cents and 11 cents respectively.

Voice and SMS charges can be further reduced for both plans by purchasing voice and SMS bundles which can be used across all networks. Subscribers can also purchase data bundles and international voice bundles on the pre-paid platform.

The cost of various bundles is as follows:


  • $1 bundle allows 10 minutes talk time and is valid for 1 day (10 cents per minute).
  • $2 bundle allows 22 minutes talk time and is valid for 2 days (9 cents per minute).
  • $5 bundle allows 57 minutes talk time and is valid for 4 days (8.7 cents per minute).
  • $10 bundle allows 120 minutes talk time and is valid for 7 days (8.3 cents per minute).


  • 25 cents for 25 SMSs valid for 1 day
  • 50 cents for 125 SMSs valid for 7 days
  • $1, 50 for 450 SMSs valid for 30 days


  • $0.50 for 10MB valid for 30 days
  • $1.00 for 30MB valid for 30 days
  • $5.00 for 200MB valid for 90 days
  • $15.00 for 700MB valid for 90 days
  • $30.00 for 1.5GB valid for 90 days

For subscribers not keen on using the Telecel Go platform they can still continue with the Mega Bonus Reloaded Promotion which will still offers 50% airtime bonus, which can be used across all networks. However, there is no longer an SMS or data bonus with this promotion. Pre-paid subscribers who do not opt to go onto the Telecel Go platform can still take advantage of the new voice, SMS and data bundles.

The new Telecel Go tariff plans were launched as a limited time promotion (3 months) pending approval from POTRAZ for permanent tariff reduction.


  1. aboutkariba

    0.11 for data all day, what does mean?

  2. blaa Econet

    econet wanted to reduce call tariffs and Potraz yakaramba , WHY Telecel ichipihwa promotions and Econet Ichirambirwa those promotions???.

    By the way Telecel yane License here ?

    Potraz takes sides full stop

    1. econet yanga yafarisa

      no econet unilaterally reduced tariffs without first seeking potraz clearance and nyaya yekuda kufunga kuti they are bigger than government didnt also work in their favour.

      1. blaa Econet

        yane license here telecel, telecel is bigger than goverment

        plus Potraz said it was protecting the subscribers and other networks saka apa they are not protecting econet and the subscribers?

  3. Name

    y is it option ye $1 for 30mb is not showing when you dial 144#

  4. GeeZee

    Eish…”Telecel Go”…! Could they not have found a better brand name than “Telecel Go”? That name is too….(Can’t think of a proper way to say it) but I’m sure lame would pretty much cover it. The name is soo lame.
    Talk to your subscribers before naming some of these brands. Hear what they think then come up with something catchy. Something that will make me want to be a part of you..
    Telecel Go, Telecel Red……aiwa aiwa maface!!! Ndiani arikukupai mazita?

  5. Observer

    I was failing to access the new data bundles stated in your article, so i called telecel call centre, and they say the tariffs have not changed. Please do your research and verify your sources to avoid giving us inaccurate information

    1. Tendai Mupaso

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. Please specify the tariff you’re talking about and we will verify. The source in this article is Telecel so something may have changed and we are not be aware of it.

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