Here are some of the channels coming to BOStv’s paid TV bouquet

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So BOStv is set to return as a paid satellite TV bouquet in a month or two. The station, which was a popular stop gap service after Santech’s encryption of the SABC signal will have to prove itself for people to actually pay for it.

Today we have a bit of an indication of what they will offer in their bouquets and we will let you be the judge on whether they will inspire you to throw your DStv decoder out the window.

The list of the BOStv channels is not comprehensive nor is it definitive. Things may change for the better or the worse. The channels are also not listed according to their relative bouquets (Legend or mini-legend) because that also hasn’t been finalised.


According to BOStv sources, the bouquet will have BOStv Sports which will screen football among other sporting disciplines. There will also be BOStv Series which will screen Telenovelas. The rest of the BOStv satellite TV channels are already on the MyTV Africa bouquet listed below.

  • 1 Music: 1 Music is a music and young adult lifestyle-based television channel that delivers dynamic international and African Programming targeted at the mass 13-35 year old demographic. 1 Music’s vision is to become the world’s window into African Music.
  • AIT: Nigeria’s leading general entertainment and news channel, providing a refreshing and revealing insight into Africa.
  • Al Jazeera
  • BBC World
  • e.Africa: Africa is pan-African version of South Africa’s channel and includes wrestling, local South African soaps as well as music magazine shows, kids shows, movies and Afrocentric news.
  • BET: BET provides contemporary entertainment that speaks to young adults from an authentic, unapologetic viewpoint of the Black experience. BET connects with its target audience in a way no other media outlet can, providing hit music, entertainment, and news programming that is reflective of their experiences.
  • Entertainment TV: E! is the ultimate destination for entertainment fans who crave the latest on celebrities, entertainment and pop culture. A unique channel that reveals the latest gossip and news of everything that’s happening in Hollywood, showbiz, fashion and more. It’s like a vibrant, exciting version of a celebrity magazine on TV.
  • Eurosportnews: This is an International Sports News Channel. Eurosportnews delivers the latest sports news 24 hours a day: Real-time scores, Breaking News headlines, video highlights and news bulletins from all of the major events, including football, tennis, Motorsports, cycling, winter sports and summer Olympics (athletics and swimming),  Interviews with the most popular athletes, most admired players, Olympic champions and illustrious sports stars.
  • Fine Living Network: FLN is compelling, fun and often thought-provoking channel. It provides a fresh approach to lifestyle television from drama, to chat; well-being to documentaries. FLN’s programming focuses on key lifestyle subject areas: Home, Travel, Style, Well-being, Cuisine and introduces strong entertainment shows, monthly marketing/discussion themes, and original programming. FLN is for women around the world, living life today.
  • FOX Africa: FOX Channel is home to Simpsons, 24, Angel, Criminal Minds, Falling Skies, Boston Legal and more high quality drama.
  • Fox FX: FX Channel is home to The Walking Dead, Entourage, Bones, Strikeforce, Most Haunted, Seinfeld and more high quality drama.
  • JimJam TV: JimJam TV features a lively programming mix of the world’s favourite animations, sing-a-long fun and captivating story-telling. The best loved and most trusted names in children’s television come out to play on JimJam, including Thomas and Friends™, Bob the Builder™, Fireman Sam™, Angelina Ballerina™, Barney and Friends™ and Pingu
  • KBS World: KBS World is centered on Dramas bringing heartwarming stories of life, love and family, Entertainment and Documentaries.
  • My TV Africa: My TV Africa brings you top Nollywood stars in blockbuster, classic movies, tense dramas, soaps, hilarious comedies and action-packed series, as well as awarded telenovelas that will keep you hooked for hours…. My TV Africa is exclusive to My TV.
  • My TV Hausa: My TV HAUSA provides entertaining movies, mind-gripping soaps, informative programs, and a variety of soul refreshing music to give you a thrilling and breathtaking experience. Programs are in Hausa language with English subtitles
  • My TV MORE: My TV MORE is another entertainment channel that is exclusive to My TV, providing a mix of series, movies and talk shows from across Africa plus sports and lifestyle magazines, MMA fights and romantic telenovelas.
  • My TV Series: My TV Series lets you catch up on the best of My TV Africa and My TV MORE, showcasing a selection of My TV’s most popular series and telenovelas
  • My TV Yoruba: A channel with scintillating movies, emotional dramas, hilarious comedies, and varieties of informative, educative and entertaining programmes for your viewing pleasure.
  • Nat Geo Gold: Nat Geo Gold invites viewers to enter and see the world through smart innovative programming. Explore new frontiers and think about the world in extraordinary ways. This is smart, beautiful factual entertainment at its best. A bespoke channel for Africa – You’re invited to discover, be amazed, engaged and re-think the world.
  • Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids, featuring preschool series, animations, live action programs and original television movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My TV is thrilled to bring you Nickelodeon and trusts you will share that thrill.
  • NTA: The NTA network is the largest television network in Africa and My TV has added this channel for our dynamic African viewers. NTA Plus is a family oriented channel that brings you entertaining and educative programmes. Notable among these programmes are Global Update, Fashion House, NTA late Edition, NTA Plus Saturday morning live, Celebrity Night at the Dome, Plus Kitchen and Area 11 Centre which is a light comedy show. The very popular and highly rated morning show, AM Express, is on from 6.30am to 9am daily.
  • Setanta Africa: Setanta Africa is a 24/7 television channel bringing you unrivaled access to football from Europe
  • Silverbird TV: Silverbird is a leading Nigerian TV channel providing varied content. Programs range across daily flagship entertainment news, live shows, documentaries, soaps, sitcoms, feature films and sports.
  • Trace:Trace URBAN Television – Unquestionably the coolest urban “black music” channel in the world! Edge Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Afro… TRACE has it all!
  • True Movies 1 – True Stories that touch the heart: Experience the most remarkable and powerful true stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary odds, 24 hours a day on True Movies 1. This unique film channel features hundreds of moving and emotional true movies with performances from A list stars such as Meryl Steep, Angelina Jolie and Helena Bonham Carter.
  • Zee Cinema: Zee Cinema is now the first choice of all Bollywood lovers everywhere! It screens 6 movies a day. The films cater for all generations with a mix of great classics, comedies and, blockbusters from Bollywood as well as the best Gujarati films. Besides this, ZEE CINEMA also has programmes which keep the viewers updated with all the latest news and gossip from the Hindi film industry.

Free to air channels.

1.  3ABN
2.  ABN
3.  ACBN
4.  Chosen
5.  CTV
6.  CVV
7.  Daystar
8.  DCLM
9.  Emmanuel TV
10. Faith
11. Hope
12. Hosanna
13. KICC
14. KLN
15. Madani
16. Mana 2
17. Mana Africa
18. Messiah
19. Messiah
20. MFM
21. Muvi TV African Unite
22. Novo Tempo
23. Omega
24. Pop TV
25. Press TV
26. Spare
27. Sprit Word
28. Supreme Master TV
29. WRS



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  1. ic0n1c says:

    Only one football channel 🙁

    1. Only one football channel 🙂

  2. Farai Sairai says:

    FTA channels – almost 25/29 religious channels.:)

    BTW, is BOSTV an MC product as the broadcasting rights to FOX Africa and Nickelodeon, etc are held by MC?

    1. Tapiwa ✔ says:

      Are those rights exclusively held? It is not uncommon for 2 or more parties to have the rights in the same territories (think same movie showing at SterKinekor & Rainbow, or World Cup matches on DSTv/SABC/eTV/BTV).

      1. Michael Chisina says:

        thus interesting!!. Can the writer followup on this issue

  3. jokonia says:

    Im on dstv because of:

    Soccer & rugby (HD :))))) )

    Beat that, and ill ditch them.

  4. Sadombo says:

    What about sports channels?

  5. Sadombo says:

    We need some seriousness from BOSTV pliz

  6. beatnyama says:

    Last time people threw out their DSTV decoders for some fancy new pay TV, they cried when the pay TV network went backrupt and closed and they were left with worthless decoders. When it comes to television, i’ll not compromise, I’ll stick to Champions leagues football, lots of HD channels for now (DSTV)

  7. Case says:

    Farai sairai you are mistaken Dstv does not have rights to Fox & nickelodeon and never will these channels are just distributed with out exclusivety don’t u wonder why Dstv has BET , E! , MTVbase which are also acessible on other pay tv platfroms like STARSAT , MYTV , ZAPTV etc

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