Changing our comments system again: This time from Disqus to WordPress


featurephone-nokiaMost of you regular readers probably noticed that our comments system has changed. We removed Disqus last week and this week gradually migrated to what we have now, just WordPress’s inbuilt comments system. Yes, it doesn’t look as pretty, but here’s why we’re doing it:

  • Disqus doesn’t like mobile. Especially the feature phone type of mobile that uses Opera Mini to browse.
  • Disqus would slow down the comment delivery because it would need to fetch comments from their servers.
  • The syncing of comments wasn’t working so well so sometimes you would comment and the comment would ‘disappear’ only to show 3 hours later.

We did consider just using Facebook Comments again, but Facebook has anonymity issues as well as it essentially being a walled garden.

In the end, the most realistic option became WordPress itself, which is the platform this whole website sits on. We’re excited about what it offers and we are doing our best to make it look even prettier than Disqus. At a glance:

  • Anonymity Choice: You can use your real name. You can leave the name and email fields completely blank if you don’t want your name shown.
  • Identity: if you choose to identify yourself, use an email address that has a gravatar and it will show with your comment. If you don’t, a random avatar will be assigned.
  • Great on mobile: It loads great on mobile devices, both the very smart ones and the Opera Mini loving feature phones. If you’re reading this from Opera Mini, You can now contribute your thoughts!

Apart from that, we also love the speed. We don’t have to wait for the comments to be sourced from some place else to see them! This is an on going process ofcourse, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, do let us know.

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50 thoughts on “Changing our comments system again: This time from Disqus to WordPress

  1. hey @L.S.M. I was having a discussion with this other person yesterday and it got to the question whether the writers at techzim get paid for the articles they write or rather its a passion.

  2. Love this system….hated disqus it was very slow on my windows mobile.wish more local websites used this system

  3. This new system is terrible, its a nightmare for those of us using mobile devices, because the comments sections, disappears time and again. One post has the section another does not.

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