Latest Techzim podcast: Econet results, smartphone penetration, iROKO TV


Here is our latest Techzim Podcast were we discussed the Econet Financial results, Steward Bank losses, iRoko TV, Rocket Internet and many more. We really got into a heated debated on the 10% smartphone penetration figures released by Econet. We generally agreed that the 10% figure is flawed but it still begged the question, what is a smartphone in the first place?

We would like you to weigh in with your own thought over this issue. Do you think smartphone penetration is as low as 10% on Econet’s network?

We understand that most people can’t listen to the podcast because of limited bandwith. This is why we created an option to receive the podcast on our WhatsApp group were Econet broadband subscribers can listen without worrying about the cost, ( thanks to the unlimited WhatsApp bundles). You can sign up for the WhatsApp group here.



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