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Google Drive for Work’s unlimited storage offer hard to beat

Google drive image downloadYesterday Google announced a new cloud service called Drive for Work. Its price undercuts every other cloud service package that has been presented by the other cloud storage providers involved in the “Storage Wars”.

For $10 a month a user gets unlimited cloud storage, an offer that floors Microsoft’s OneDrive which, a few days ago, introduced a price reduced offer for 1TB of storage and Office 365 for $6.99.

All Microsoft users are now given a free 15 GB of storage space. This is the same amount of free space that has been available on Google Drive since the last set of price reductions in March this year.

This latest round of price tumbling from Google and Microsoft puts pressure on Dropbox, the online file storage market leader and startup that made cloud storage a household name for most people. In the same sweep the price wars will also have an effect on Amazon Web Services. The company has also been putting up a fight with a downward revision of its On -Demand Pricing model.

Users of Amazon Web Services, startups included, are drawn to the convenience of paying for what you need, something that fits comfortably with any scalable service that is in its growth stage.

According to Microsoft 3 out of 4 users have less than 15 GB of files stored on their PCs. This takes into consideration files stored elsewhere.(Think mobile devices, and other cloud services) As such an allowance of 15 GB of free data being offered by both Microsoft and Google should be adequate for basic storage.

Assuming 1TB from Microsoft is not adequate and you want the luxury of unlimited storage then the $120 per year from Google is a great offer.

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One thought on “Google Drive for Work’s unlimited storage offer hard to beat

  1. Google’s biggest problem with the Google Drive is it’s privacy policy! alternatively, I think iCloud for Apple users or Skydrive, and Dropbox is effective.

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