Africom launches package with unlimited access to social media


Africom Local internet access provider Africom has introduced a new product called the Africom MiChoice Package which gives users unlimited access to common social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber as well as unlimited access to emails.

The package is available with a $5 weekly, $10 fortnightly and a $25 monthly package. According to Africom the monthly package is more expensive than its weekly and fortnightly variant because it comes with a data allowance that subscriber can use for downloads.

For the $5 and $10 bundle a subscriber has unlimited access to websites but cannot download content.


The $25 monthly package is limited to 2G of downloads, which means torrents are out of the question. In case you want to enjoy the benefits of the MiChoice Package and still download content you have the option to top up your Africom account for that.

This MiChoice Package is similar to what mobile networks like Econet, Telecel and even Cell C  from South Africa have taken to through the introduction of OTT services and promotions.

For Econet and Telecel this has been through paid for WhatsApp bundles, Facebook Bundles and zero rated Facebook products. Its all about monetising on free applications by using an “all you can eat” data offer. In any case it does add value to the subscriber.

Although Africom has been more visible for its VoIP packages it has been working on different packages in internet provision as well. Just last month it introduced a package for unlimited access to learning content from e-Learning solutions.

What are your thought on this Africom MiChoice Package? Does it offer a great deal?

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