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How to access the internet through Facebook

How to "Get Notifications" from a page

Some time back I posted an article about my getting banned from WhatsApp and contributing to the ban was my wanting to share with followers my top 20 SECRETS that mobile networks don’t want you to know. I’ve been asked a lot about those secrets, some of them are no longer relevant, but definitely one of the things that would make it onto that list will be the below. ENJOY.


access a large part of the internet through facebookUndoubtedly, there has been a lot of hype about the use of the social network Facebook. Almost everybody and their dog have been using it, with Econet even going so far as to allowing you to access your friends from a simple dumb phone that can’t logon to the internet. Telecel has partnered with the over 1 billion-user platform and is providing FREE access for its subscribers (albeit there are no pictures and videos that are shown, in the hopes that you click on those pictures and videos using your airtime and pay for it).

No, don’t ask me what have NetOne done, they’re busy changing the world by bringing back the archaic phone booth!

So, for you guys (and girls) that are on a budget and don’t want to pull out another cent, whether you’ve bought Facebook bundles or are accessing it through Telecel’s Facebook Zero, here’s how to enjoy the internet through Facebook and not incur extra charges:

Internet through Facebook

1. Create a Facebook page: The process is not too difficult and should take you about a minute or two. There are many options; local business or place, brand or product, cause or community, it doesn’t really matter, just choose one. Skip through all the options that it presents, as they are not necessary.

2. Like the page that you have setup. This is a necessary set in order for you to set the following option.

3. Get Notifications from your page that you have setup.

How to "Get Notifications" from a page
How to “Get Notifications” from a page

Hover your mouse over the “Liked” button or click on the drop down arrow. A list of options will appear and you will want to click “Get Notifications” so that whenever a new post is published you will receive a notification. You can do without this step, but I’d recommend that you have it set.


4. Get the RSS Feeds of the websites (mainly news services like Herald, Newsday, DailyNews and even the lovely TechZim) that you would like to read through Facebook. Usually it is the or that will get you sorted. Just Google search the domain name together with ‘RSS feed’ and see what comes up. (Example here)

5. Go on over to a business automation web service like IFTTT or Zapier where you will set an instruction for it to take a certain action once something else happens. IFTTT derives its name from the coding instruction “if this then that”. In this particular instance, when a new article is publish on a particular website that you like and follow, IFTTT must post it to your Facebook page that you have created.

6. Create a ‘recipe’ (in the instance of IFTTT) that will instruct it to post to the Facebook page of your choice (N.B. You need to be an Administrator of the Facebook page that you choose) when a new article is published. This is essentially a Feed to Facebook Page recipe that you will need to create.

Viola!!! Done. That’s it. If you have done anything like this then you are well on your way to enjoying accessing your favourite websites all through the pleasure of Facebook.

Check out the magic working on a Facebook page that I had that was lying idle and just started to make use of this fun ‘hack’ recently. Hope it works for you too.

Do you have another method, that’s automated, that will allow us all to enjoy the internet from the comforts of Facebook? We’re against the dangers that Facebook and WhatsApp bundles poise for startups here in Zimbabwe (in fact the world over) and have shared our thoughts. Wonder if the mobile networks will have a change of heart about the bundles.

N.B. You will only get to access new content that we be getting published and you can not access previous content through the method described above. I am still searching you a way to access other content, seeing that Econet Zero is not working for me either.

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4 thoughts on “How to access the internet through Facebook

  1. After reading this article, i some how feel cheated. Mabe its the title, maybe its the end result? Aha, its the title! shuld be along these lines:

    “Access any RSS feed through Facebook”
    “Read part of any RSS feed through Facebook”
    “Read a portion of any future RSS read through Facebook and ITTT”

    Argh, those wont translate to eyeballs now would they?

      1. Hi there, thanks for the comment. Our intentions are not to produce content just for the sake of it, and the angel that this post was brought from was to aide readers in how to go about such an activity. Did I miss the mark? Do you think that the article is none beneficial to readers?

        How can I improve to bring better relevant articles to you the readers?

    1. Hi there,
      What the article goes out to explain is how you can access more of the internet, albeit blogs and news articles, using either Facebook Zero or your Facebook bundles. If ever, all you have is access to Facebook, this is a trick that should allow you to access more.

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