Welcome to 2012, Apple


iphone-trolling-mainRecently, I was looking for as many NFC capable devices as possible to pair with an audio system just for cheap geek thrills. Having noticed a young man carrying a tablet I politely asked if his device was an NFC capable android. It was an iPad he proudly pronounced (but more like scoffed) that Apple Devices can do everything that Androids can. I tried to let him down easy and told him that no Apple does NOT have Near Field Communication Technology …

At that moment, had he been wearing gloves, he probably would have taken them off, slapped me in the face and challenged me to a duel to the death at high noon!

Luckily he did not have gloves and instead told me that he is going to the nearest internet café to download this “NFC app” and will come right back to test my system while I eat humble pie.


Needless to say that is the last I saw of him, but with the latest iPhone 6 & iPhoneNote6 Plus announcement, he may just comeback because finally NFC has been deemed worthy of recognition. Near Field Communication Technology is pretty much similar to Bluetooth but the connection between devices is established by touching the two devices unlike the pairing process we are used to. I have had NFC capable androids since I bought my Samsung Galaxy Nexus way back in 2012. I repeat 2012 A.D. That almost 3 years ago, decades in technological terms.

I can hear it now… all the iOS fanboys crying out…

Apple does not need to be at the forefront…

Apple will never release anything that is less than perfect…

 Apple has the “discipline of sacrifice”and will ease you into it nice and slow…

Big phones are ridiculous…

All valid points if you are into buying old tech like it is an antique, but for the prices they charge and numbers they move? I feel they have another reason for the slow advancements. They know that for the most part technology is plateauing. Innovating has never really been their thing and they just want to make sure they have enough stuff to tide them over to the next great leap. It is good business and it will make them truckloads of money. We saw this kind of leaking out technology in drips and drabs with Nokia back in the day and look where it got them.

I have nothing personal against Apple. They are definitely good at making solid products but would it kill them to push the envelope a little more. It is so hard to watch the dedicated fans year after year eagerly waiting for September and then trying to play down their disappointment while they zealously defend the brand with a dedication you only see in cults. It is cruel and unusual punishment Apple! Stop leaving  your loyal customers so open to the merciless attack and ridicule of Android fans!

Get your game face back on!

As we start the waiting game for next September Ron Amateo sums up perfectly what I think of the new iPhone6



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