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Looking for the latest Zim Dancehall? Check out this app

Zim Dancehall App

Still looking for a smart way tech can bring you your favourite Zimdancehall music to your phone, especially the latest tracks and information?  Well you might be pleased to know that there’s now a Zim Dancehall app that offers a solution to this.

The application, simply called the Zimdancehall App, is in beta phase and is currently available for Android only (its already on Google Play). It offers music streaming for various tracks from several artists, a news centre (currently provides a Twitter feed on Zim Dancehall) and a Shows section (there wasn’t anything listed here yet).

Zim Dancehall

The app has aggregated material from various upcoming Zim Dancehall artists as well as household names like Winky Dee, Freeman, Soul Jah Love, Shinsoman, Seh Calaz and Tocky Vibes. To harvest all this content the app is built on platforms used by the artists for uploading their content for free streaming.

It’s meant to save the user the hassle of visiting all these several sites like Soundcloud and YouTube and in the process sorts the music in order of release, play count and likes on the source platforms.

The app is available as a free download and according to the developer Luke Madzedze the whole project has been largely inspired by a passion for the Zim Dancehall genre without a huge incentive for monetisation at this stage.

The online opportunity for local music especially Zim Dancehall remains largely untapped. Although this market hasn’t had any startups jumping to exploit it, it’s encouraging to see those cases when some people identify the opportunity and work on it.

While this work in progress appears to be the first Zim Dancehall app and local solution, it’s highly likely that more apps and online services for the genre will pop up in the months to come.

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  1. dnt listen to haters its usable and very help full as long as you keep posting latest tunes ppl will use the app welldone bro

  2. I downloaded the latest version but I am really clueless as to how to open it but the first was totally incredible only if u can help me to open this app…in a nutshell excellent!

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