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Zimpad: Zimbabwean launches iPad competitor. But not the type you think

This guy totally rethinks the concept of a tablet. And in doing so, perfects the idea. If there was ever a technology Zimbabwe could export, it is the Zimpad. To quote the creators of this device:

The Zimpad was created by Anton Bhana, CEO of Creative Centre Zimbabwe. The Zimpad will leave you breathless with its state of the art technology and mind blowing innovation. It is no ordinary device and will definitely exceed your expectation! The Zimpad is set to change the way we do things forever!


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31 thoughts on “Zimpad: Zimbabwean launches iPad competitor. But not the type you think

  1. How many Gigs though! Like WTF! no GPS!!! Really ?

    Does it mufti-task, does it have Surface like features. I HAVE TO SAY I DON’T LIKE THE SPLIT SCREEN!! Its not user friendly. 🙁 e-Ink I mean that must be standard aint it?

    Is it coffee stain resistant?

  2. Kwaaa! Thanks for the post. You made my day and gave me a good chuckle after a long day at work, i cant believe i used up 2:13 min of my precious time watching this. I would seriously want to buy one though.

  3. oh it’s just a notepad with a fancy design that looks like an i-pad.. it was interesting the way they made it seem technological with the drop tests flexibility no charging but nah its just paper. nothing too special any regular notepad will do.

  4. as loony as it sounds… this could sell as a silly product via tourism and environment bracket… jus for laugh sake

  5. Think that this guy Anton Bhana is making Zimbabweans look like idiots – this is not funny at all!

    How did ZimPad make it onto a technical based website anyway!!!!

  6. Whats so innovative about this when its not even an original idea ? this guy is just a sad attention seeker, just lost all respect for this site for posting such junk.

  7. This is a rip-off of an Ikea marketing advert. There is nothing original in this. Agree with a previous post, how did this 5#1T get on TechZim.

  8. “The Zimpad was created by Anton Bhana” – don’t think so …….. TechZim, you need to get your facts straight. This is a rip off of another company’s advert.

  9. I suppose who ever thought this Zimpad up thinks they are clever. Just F##### stupid. How can this site write up about this rubbish.

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