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Econet Zimbabwe taps into nanotech and water. What’s next?

Seldon Water Africa

Tomorrow Econet Wireless will launch Seldon Water Zimbabwe, the local subsidiary of a water purification initiative being led by Econet Wireless founder Strive Masiyiwa.

Seldon Water Zimbabwe, which is based in Harare, opened its doors to the public last month as part of the Seldon Water Africa initiative.

Seldon Water Africa is the continent’s extension of Seldon Technologies, an American water purification company that Strive Masiyiwa acquired last year. It develops and sells point-of-use water purification solutions.

Its solutions are developed using Nanomesh. This is a material developed in conjunction with the United States Army and NASA. It delivers a nano filtration platform used in the different water purification systems.

The Seldon WaterTap which is the cornerstone product of Seldon Technologies is a water purification system that comes with a DIY installation kit and a drinking water faucet.

It’s safe to assume that this is as far from telecoms as Econet has gone right now. The company has been spreading itself in a lot of directions lately. From Health Services to Car Tracking and now water purification the question is what comes next?

Is this all part of a bold diversification strategy in the face of an evolving telecoms environment?

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7 thoughts on “Econet Zimbabwe taps into nanotech and water. What’s next?

  1. Well, I for one am tired of drinking poo-poo aqua so if this proves to be an accessible and viable option for those like me, I’m all for it.

  2. …its aint got nothing to do with Telecomms. Strive is well connected. The Chairman of Seldon Water Tech (USA) is a director of Econet Wireless Zim (if not chairman) and so there arose a business opportunity for Strive which he took using EWZ as the vehicle. Clever dude… I think once one has loads of cash, their ability to continue investing also grows…

  3. Its not about how far Econet has gone from telecoms business but rather how many of our day to day problems this company is trying to solve by investing their on capital whereas our dearest ZINWA is disconnecting water and banning bulk water sales; not to mention Mr Governmentman, I shall speak no more.

  4. im curious of the health implications of this technology..we need medical studies to approve such technologies before we expose a desperate population to imported diseases like cancer etc

    1. I get that you are worried about something unfamiliar but if you look into it, you will find its quite safe. Unlike chemical treatment, filtration adds nothing to the water being cleaned so technically speaking, you are at greater risk drinking what’s coming out of your tap right now! Depending on the grade of filters used, they can be effective in reducing the levels of water treatment chemicals such as chlorine in addition to the very contaminants those chemicals are meant to eliminate.

  5. I think it is a good idea but Econet needs to sit down with the Zimbabwean group which is doing extensive researches on nanotechnology for water treat. I am one of the guys but there are other guys who are even more fluent in nanotechnology here in Zimbabwe. I can lead you to them if interested in this technology.

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