Getting the golden ticket for the new Gmail Inbox

image credit: mashable
image credit: mashable

I have an exceedingly messy email inbox!

There I have said it. I have 999+ unread emails that always hang in the corner of my eye as I read the one or two emails that I can read before the guilt gets too much and I have to close the app.

They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Well an alternative way to remedy this particular malady is to install the new Google application called Inbox.


You may have noticed that many of Google applications have recently had a makeover in terms of look and feel themed Material Design for the Lollipop 5.0 OS.

You can best see this in the common apps like Hangouts (Formerly GTalk), Google+ and the Google Play Store. Inbox is a major refinement of the changes that the Gmail app introduced a while back when it debuted the different tabs for grouping your emails. You will either love it or hate it. I LOVE IT!

With the new Inbox for Google they have injected that concept with steroids  and drastically changed the way you read your emails incorporating aspects that already feature in Google Now and Keep, bundling your emails under subject titles and placing reminders and appointments right there in your inbox.

You can pin down emails to keep them in sight until you can deal with them or snooze reminders so you can deal with them or procrastinate! You can swipe away stuff you don’t need anymore.  This is so refreshing I am no longer mocked by my inbox. It literally took seconds to clear out years of unread mails.

Wait! Before you rush off to the App market to download, keep reading because this app for the time being is not for everyone. You can download and install it just fine but you will not activate it without a special invite.

The original invites were sent from Google by request but only a few got immediate replies many including myself were told to wait and I did just that, I sat around staring into my inbox, waiting. A few days ago the original invitees were given three golden tickets to invite friends like Willy Wonka from the Chocolate Factory.

This meant that all those people that had been impatiently brooding on social media wondering when their time will come suddenly turned rabid, begging and pleading for invites. The moderators on one forum banned all posts requesting invites, quickly took down contraband and threatened to block users but the requests just kept flowing.

I kept a keen eye out for offers and I got lucky. I was quick at the draw giving my email address to a blessed Indian chap so he could send me an invite before his post got taken down. He just put up a post offering to give two people invites and I got one.

Others have sold theirs on eBay and others are raffling the golden tickets to gain social media following. I posted a thank you message and suddenly I have messages pouring into my Hangout begging me to send them invites too but as it turns out invitees cannot invite just yet probably because that would be as good as opening the app up to the general public.

The app is comparable to the Mailbox App so if you do not have a golden ticket then maybe you can try out that while you wait out the official release of the Inbox

Did you get the invite and do you have any Golden tickets to give away? If not, what are you doing to get your invite? What are you impressions of the Inbox? 


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