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5 thoughts on “Steward Bank goes branchless with new Agent Banking Model

  1. One hopes that regulatory processes have been duly followed to avoid abrupt termination of an otherwise brilliant product, as in the case of the ecolife/ecofarmer/ecoinsurance!

  2. Interested to see how this is achieved. I already have to go to several agents to draw my funds as they never have enough cash… that and the excessive fees have stopped me using ecocash for some time now. One wonders what the other fees will be even if there is no monthly charge. Knowing Steward and Econet it will not be in the favour of its clients.

  3. the simple fact is ECOCASH is doing good while Steward Bank is rubbish…Infact the ecocash card doesnt even work on a Steward Bank atm you have to an FBC Atm…So why bank with Steward

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