First impressions of the CABS mobile banking app

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CABS Mobile banking App

Let’s face it, anything that makes the processes involved in banking any easier or faster is always a winner. Safe to say that tech has always been expected to be the one thing that can do this.

For local mobile banking solutions the case for making life easier usually involves using a USSD driven solution, something that has involved arrangements with the MNOs. Oddly enough, besides guys like Barclays Zimbabwe other local banks haven’t been keen on making mobile banking apps, until now.


The CABS Mobile Banking App was introduced today as a bridge into mobile banking for all account users that have mobile internet access. It’s available for CABS account holders that sign up for the mobile banking option. These are the people using the USSD powered Textacash service.

What sort of services does it offer?

CABS Mobile Banking App

The services available from the app are pretty much what you’ll find on any decent banking app. Like the Barclays Bank App you can transfer funds to other accounts (any bank actually, it’s not restricted to CABS), send money to a mobile number, make airtime purchases (all networks), use the branch and ATM locator and handle bill payments (DStv, ZESA, Umax and City of Harare and Bulawayo).

There are YouTube videos that have been created to explain how each of the CABS Mobile Banking App services work which can be accessed by following this link.

Is it a case of too late or too soon?

It’s about time. CABS has had its hand in mobile banking for a while now with the Textacash. The service has been rather successful and popular as well with over 306,000 users. It has helped contribute to the bank’s decent performance (CABS was judged to be the most profitable bank for 2014 in the Banks and Banking Survey 2014)

So if Textacash has won the hearts of a large segment of their clients and is contributing to the bank’s performance why do an app? Doesn’t USSD cover more people anyway, including the 85% that does not have smartphones?

It looks like this is part of a product extension that CABS had promised for a while. The bank introduced a refreshed corporate identity in July this year with a renewed focus on its customers. It looks like services like the app are meant to amplify that focus.

The CABS Mobile Banking App also seems like a good way to engage clients that already appreciate the convenience of mobile banking and steer them in the direction of internet services that will eventually take over where USSD is leading now.

There’s also the huge factor of ease of use that USSD does not have. An app handles any transaction faster than any USSD session.

A positive move is the app’s cross platform availability. It’s available for free download for iOS, Android, Blackberry BBOS and also on feature phones like Nokia and the Asha range. It’s available in the respective stores and also on CABS has also offered free WiFi in its branches that clients can use to download the app.

What are your thoughts on this new mobile app and its services? 


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  1. Patrack says:

    only three words actually: GREAT LEAP FORWARD

  2. Awesome for CABS to come out with this, hope other banks follow soon!

    Now for a bit of a complaint, so I am so excited about their app for banking that I want to enquire about opening an account, I head over to and all looks good, right there on the Home page is “Apply for an Account” button, GREAT!

    No, not so great the page says “Coming Soon”, why would you do that?

    Mobile Banking App “A+”, website functionality “D-“

    1. fourwallsinaroom says: you can do the application there

  3. Jeff says:

    As a Cabs customer this is a welcome move

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are you able to make transfers even to international bank accounts? Or other banks outside of Zimbabwe?

    1. tinm@n says:

      I think that’s still illegal according to the current financial regulatorion regime.

    2. Anonymous says:

      No, that is not possible. You can only transfer within Zimbabwe

  5. Buildit says:

    Is there a fee charged for buying airtime using the CABS mobile banking app?

    1. Anonymous says:

      There is no charge –
      you can buy airtime for free for any network

  6. kundai says:

    I am on windowphone Nokia and i can not instal it. What can i do to use the app?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Kundai – the windows phones are not supported by the app at this stage

    2. Moice Jujuru says:

      That phone can handle Apps like Mixit, get a decent phone most preferably an iphone or samsung Lol.

      1. tinm@n says:

        What a load of bullsh*t

      2. tinm@n says:

        What a load of crap

      3. tinm@n says:

        OK… decent language now…

        Load of absolute nonsense!!

        1. tinm@n says:

          Please delete the other two comments. It wasnt posting. I thought it was some kind of language filter.

  7. Tich says:

    Quite happy being A CABS customer. And yes the USSD codes were a pain. Good Job!!

  8. Mel says:

    It looks like a great app but have been unable to use it since I am still waiting on the OTP??? Been 24 hours now. Not sure if its the platform or the network?

    1. Godwin says:

      If you are on Econet this is probably a network issue. Open the app and select Request OTP

    2. @Mel you need to get your account linked to your phone number and then you are good to go.

  9. Fure says:

    Was glad to hear about this as well. However, I am one of those who are still waiting for the OTP? Please assist. I have clicked the “Request OTP” countless times.

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