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Have you been banned from WhatsApp? Blame it on WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Banned

WhatsApp Plus BannedThere’s a group of WhatsApp users that have been complaining since yesterday actually. Their favourite instant message has banned them from accessing it.

If you have seen this notification it means that you have been using WhatsApp Plus.

This is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that accesses WhatsApp servers and comes with a host of features and add ons that you can’t access on the basic WhatsApp platform.

Not everyone on WhatsApp Plus has been banned from WhatsApp though. For some it is still working but you can bet on this restriction extending to your own instant messaging platform.

Although this is a 24 hour ban the best solution according to the Ts and Cs and info that WhatsApp is providing is to remove this moded version and install the proper version of WhatsApp.

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33 thoughts on “Have you been banned from WhatsApp? Blame it on WhatsApp Plus

  1. i have been banned for using whatsap plus as well. however even after installing the original version of whatsap the ban is still there. #sanctions

    1. I have been banned from using WhatsApp for more than 120 hours now. I am still banned and the message says 109 hours still to wait for??? I don’t trust them

    1. So if I review a product, which I take care to mention is an unofficial version, and down the road the official guys block it and you can’t use it anymore, it becomes my responsibility? Sorry but I don’t think that’s how it works, even in Africa. TZ only gave us their opinion on Whatsapp Plus and enough information for us to make an informed decision. No apologies required here

      1. @L S M Kabweza brands speak. Try reviewing mbanje, and write in bold ILLEGAL. Unless of course you don’t have an image as an organization you might get a lot of people in trouble. “Just saying…”

    2. Blaz you are crazy… What apology? Did Techzim ban whatsapp plus??? Did they tell you to install it? Whoever installed whatsapp Plus knew that it was a 3rd party application. Read their terms and conditions…..

  2. I tried to warn people about the risks involved in the unoffical apps, but nobody would listen. Besides being blocked by whatsapp, one could actually lose information to hackers such as those “private” pics, passwords,data, etc.

  3. I personally am devastated… I never got banned but I made the switch over to the standard app once the official announcement was made today on the google+ 700000 member community.
    Its like watching a black and white tv after losing rich colour! !
    To those taking pleasure in the whole debacle…
    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
    Whatsapp+ was good stuff…
    now can anyone versed in the basic app tell me how to remove the camera and microphone icon things on the chat screen ?? Hmm?

  4. So apparently the same is affecting WhatsappMD but the WhatsappMD developer claims to have found a solution. See comments section on

    “Joaquin Cuitiño
    You can read and copy signatures but not signing keys, they are different things. The signature is a result of signing the app, the signing key is what’s used to sign it. That’s what you can’t get.
    What I do is extract the original WhatsApp signature, and change the bit of code that gets the current APK’s signature with WhatsApp’s original one. I’m not signing the app like the original one, just making it believe it is.”

  5. Please it’s very bad. I have been banned from whtsapp and it’s really disturbing me. Please work it out. Thank u..

  6. I have served the 24hr ban but now I can’t access whatsapp and I have been slapped with another 72hr ban…How do I get read of that

  7. I installed WhatsApp+ for the second time after getting banned for 24 hours…now I banned for 72hours please help me…how to cancel this ban immediately…I uninstalled WhatsApp+ and the ban is still there…pls helppp

  8. Im not banned but when i am giving my mobile number for confirmation it says that whats is unavailable please try after 5 minutes. I sent mail to WhatsApp & also follow their instructions but still the problem existing.
    Please tell me any solution for this. 🙁

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